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Sorceress (Lvl 2, Dark Steed, Dispel Scroll, Tome of Furion) 182

20 Dark Elf Warriors (Shields, Full Command) 225
10 Dark Elf Warriors (RXB's) 130
5 Dark Riders (RXB's, Musician) 127

5 CoKs (Full Command, Banner of Murder) 235

Reaper Bolt Thrower 100

How's it look? Basic plan is RBT and RXB Warriors sit and shoot, Riders harry, Spear Warriors take a charge, Riders flank, and CoK and Sorceress just kind of take care of what the rest of the army can't. I plan to build on it, but this is it for now. Should I swap the CoKs for some Harpies for march blocking and a Noble (where would I put him)?

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its fairly standard for a 1k list.

dangerous to put your sorceress on a steed, characters on steeds cant hide in infantry remember.

i think you should swing by the GW site as well, you are using old cost for dark elves. the dark elves has received a revision.

your warriors does infact only cost 185pts with a full command.
your warriors with RXBs cost only 120pts(including shields).

this saves you 67pts(if you drop the steed) and allow you to field a unit of 5 harpies(good for march block, or suicide mage bombing).

cheers dancey

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I'd say a few more Dark Riders. They are the best unit in the army.
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