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I've been looking at the dexes to figure out how to build my first 40k army, and this is what I came up with for 1000 points of guard:

Doctrines: close order drill, grenadiers, iron discipline

Command Platoon @ 275 Pts
Command Squad @ [85] Pts
Junior Officer w/ Iron Discipline; Honorifica Imperialis
Guardsmen w/ Vox Caster; Mortar
Anti-Tank Squad w/ Lascannon (x3) @ [110] Pts
Mortar Squad w/ Mortar (x3) @ [80] Pts

Infantry Platoon @ 257 Pts
Command Squad @ [81] Pts
Junior Officer w/ Iron Discipline
Guardsmen w/ Vox Caster; Plasmagun (x2)
Infantry Squad @ [88] Pts
Vox Caster; Grenade Launcher; Missile Launcher
Infantry Squad @ [88] Pts
Vox Caster; Grenade Launcher; Missile Launcher

7 Grenadiers @ 198 Pts
Vox Caster; Plasmagun (x2)
Chimera w/ Extra Armour; Smoke Launchers; Multilaser; Hull Heavy Bolter @ [93] Pts

Heavy Support: Leman Russ Battle Tank
Leman Russ Battle Tank @ 145 Pts
Battle Cannon; Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter

Heavy Support: Basilisk
Basilisk @ 125 Pts
Earthshaker Cannon; Hull Heavy Bolter; Indirect Fire Capability

Total Roster Cost: 1000

The infantry platoon, AT squad and the russ form the main firebase, with the basilisk, mortars and command squad tucked away somewhere safe, and the grenadiers acting as a a hole-plugger or weakness exploiter.

TBH, I'd really like to build something based off of drop troops, mechanized, or grenadiers, but I think this list seems to be the most reliable of the bunch (not that I have much experience in the matter, though), not to mention gives a good variety of models for future expansion.


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Right lets have a look at this list then...

The doctrines seem sound although maybe add in drop troops for the platoon command squad to use.

The HQ seems fine and the support squads ok. The voix caster may not be needed as you have close order drill and iron discipline. The army you have isn't that big either so I'd say drop the vox network unless you really really want it.

The platoon is a nice simple setup that will work well and can take on a variety of tasks. The command squad may want to be droppe din due to its special weapons so perhaps take drop troops for this as suggested above.

The rest of the list seems sound however You need to get some sponsons on the russ. Either drop a grenadier or the vox network to get the points for this. If you lose the vox network you can get extra armour for the russ aswell.

This is a good start to a guard army and has all of the essentials. Carry on like this and you shoudl be fine.

Hope that helps


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I agree with the Commisar about vox. It probably isn't necessary, but if you really want to take it, you're doing it the right way. Tuck him away with a mortar and let him lead from the rear.

I would suggest that you drop the basilisk and get a hellhound. Not only are hellhounds great tanks, but it's one more thing your enemy has to divide his fire between. While a basilisk is dangerous, it isn't too difficult to get inside indirect fire range if you've only got one. Three tanks at 1000 points is quite a few, and a Hellhound is really really good at dealing with infantry.
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