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Hi Everyone!

Hope to get some suggestion and ideas for dual 1k army list for a tournament. My partner and I will be playing as dwarfs 1k each, I am going with the gun line theme and partner going as hammer and anvil.
I know he is taking Thane/Lord for army general, Hammers/Longbeards for his main units and small unit. I am considering these 2 army lists but cant make up my mind witch one will support better my ally. So some sugestions from the experience players and help me out and point me in the right direction. These are my army list…

1[SUP]st[/SUP] list a lot Eggs in one Basket

Rune priest Rune of Spell breaking and shield
88 pts

Thane shield, Rune of Stone and Rune of Furnace
78 pts

28 Quarrellers with GW and full command 3 x 10
422 pts (bunker for both of my heroes)

3 x Gyrocopters
240 pts

Organ Gun with the Rune of Accuracy and Rune of Forging
170 pts

Total 998

2[SUP]nd[/SUP] list Multiple Small Units

Rune priest Rune of Spell breaking, Rune of stone and shield
93 pts

10 Quarrels with Musician
10 Quarrels with Shields and Musician
270 pts

3 x Gyrocopters
Grudge Thrower* with the Rune of Burning, Rune of Accuracy and Rune of Penetrating (Don't have but planing on getting it or replace with Cannon/Bolt Thrower)
385 pts

16 Irondrakes with Musician
250 Pts

Total Points 998

Please let me know what you guys think and I am open for suggestions and ideas.
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