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Hey folks! So, this is mostly based off of what I have available model wise as I've just gotten back into the hobby and been slowly working on acquiring stuff. The army changes from 5th edition are *massive* (what happened to my arrowhead formation?!) so I'm really not sure what's worth its point anymore. Any feedback is welcomed.

Paladin on Royal Pegasus, Grail Vow, Virtue of Heroism, Heavy Armor, Shield, Lance, Sword
The idea is this guy gets to smash into big stuff, and otherwise he's my solo flanker to clean up war machine crews, annoying flighty units, etc. He might not hold up well one on one against enemy heroes but I don't think at this point level I'll be seeing anything too nasty. Should I not even worry about that given the changes (no lords below 1k, no more percentage based character selection, etd) or will there be heroes from other races to just flat out avoid?

Battle Standard Bearer
Paladin on Barded Warhorse, Sword of Might, Virtue of Duty, Heavy Armor
Combat resolution

Damsel, Dispel Scroll x2
Is this magic enough? I keep hearing how the game is magic heavy now but I've never had much using it as part of the hammer OR the anvil, barring the 5th edition Morgiana Le Fay.

Men at Arms x20, Musician, Standard, Warden
Typical fodder/tie up role. At least I hop that's still their typical role :p

Bowmen x12, Brazier
Typical role. Brazier just in case.

Knights of the Realm x5, Musician
Holds the BSB for six

Knights of the Realm x6, Musician, Standard

Ideally, the two knight units work in concert with a charge to the front with the BSB and a flank charge with the other unit.

I'm not sure if it has enough knights but then there's no real damage soak other than the knights. Going to a regular warhorse instead of a Pegasus doesn't give me a whole lot of extra points, so I think the thing to swap would be the Men at Arms for another unit of KoTR (maybe Errants?), but that's a small unit given how cheap [email protected] are. Leaving out the BSB isn't really an option, but her magic equipment is.

Anyway thanks in advance for any feedback. This is my first seventh edition list so hope I didn't make too many glaring newbie mistakes :)

Koosh for the KooshLord
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Hi theTak,

I'm getting back into Brets, so I'm not an expert. Here's my thoughts though...

Three characters is a lot of points in 1K. Your General is doing duty as your maneuverable unit here. But as such, he doesn't compare favorably to either Pegasus Knights, or Mounted Yeoman. Pegasus knights would have 360 line of sight, and more attacks and wounds. Mounted Yeoman could shoot and use their feigned flight fast-cav rule. Both could marchblock as they'd have unit str 5+. If you have either unit at your disposal, or plan to upgrade your army, I'd swap him out in favor of one of those. If he's flitting about behind enemy lines, you aren't getting any benefits from his leadership anyway. Just have the damsel as your general in that case.

If you've got a mounted damsel, she'd be a better choice. She could go in a knight unit, bumping another knight into a combat position, and granting MR(1) to the unit. Brets just go for magic defense, although I've had some luck with the lore of Beasts to increase my likelyhood of charging.

I'd be inclined to put the BSB in your KotR unit with a standard, to maximize combat resolution for that unit. Then you'd have your frontal charge unit and your flanky/sacrificial unit. Remember with lance formation you can often charge the front with both units also.

I'd probably drop a bowman or two in favor of extra men-at-arms, so you can take a casualty or so before you lose your full rank bonus.

Hope that Helps,
- Koosh

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Hrm I hadn't thought about a Damsel general before... I'll tool with the list some with that in mind and give it a try.

Good point about the leadership vs. flanking duties. I may still try it out a) because I lack the models :( and b) the new peasant's duty bit (leadership on any knight in six inches) might make up for it.

What about dropping the paladin for a mounted damsel as general, and include more knights in the difference of point values?

Also, what the opinion on upgrading to lvl 2? Worth it or not? Especially considering she's going to be the general?

Thanks again for the input and I do want to incorporate it into my lists, but for now it's a bit constrained due to models. Pointers for the future never hurt though :)

i am da Wahhchief
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heres a little thought: you spent alot of points on dispel scrlls, usually a good plan, but this game is only 1.000.
How about turning those dispel scrolls into a second damsel to walk along your bowmen, if you replace a knight however, you wont even lose any points over the switch.

-replaces yet another knight in the second rank. erm.. if possible.
-gives both your knight units magicresistance
-gives an extra caster so all your magic dice can be used.
-gives an extra dispeldice for the whole battle. You now are magicheavy xD

it might be a good plan to turn your archers to skirmish, perhaps ditching nr 11 and 12 for its cost.
in smaller battles the fact that all bowmen can shoot and 360 degrees sight will help.
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