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The Dark Knight
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I'm playing a team battle where everyone has 2,000 points. We are playing last man standing until all enemy units are off the table. The teams are Space Marines, Space Wolves, Imperial Guard (Me) vs Dark Elder, Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Demons.

HQ 220 Points
Company Command Squad x2
8 Plasma Guns

Troop 725 points
Platoon Command Squad x2
8 Melta Guns

Infantry Squad x9
9 Autocannons
9 Grenade Launchers

Dedicated Transport 220 Points
Chimera x4

Fast Attack 390 Points
Vendetta Gunship x3

Heavy Support 450 Points
Leman Russ Battle Tank x3

Keep everything back and fire away. Save my Chimeras with the Company Command Squads and Platoon Command Squads for Monstrous Creatures I'll keep them by my Infantry Squads so I can twin linked the Autocannons.

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if you plan to twin link often your heavy guns, you must take voxes.
and i am sure that [MENTION=40988]IronWeevil[/MENTION] will agree with me this time.

Since this game is a "Last man standing" thing, i'd blob the IS on a 40 - 40 pattern, scratch the last one to grab 2 commissars and you're sure that you will see VERY much less fleeing from your lines.
and, since a 12000 game is played in a considerably large field, maybe (and i repeat MAYBE) you can try basilisks with some real effect.

Shrug, k...
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well with that kinda of battle in mind, survivability should be the goal. minimize you're army's value as a target while maximizing danger for those who do choose it as a target. one principle maybe would be low range but as much damage as you can pack into it as the spikes on the shell of your turtling strategy.

the vendettas are strong, but pose a high enough threat to just about everyone with their high flying base and range that they'll most likely be shot down in the first or second turn.

i'd recommend demolishers instead of leman russes if possible, for the shorter range but stronger gun as well as the slightly better side armor (making your turtle less susceptible to flanking). the demolisher cannon does a better job of 'encouraging' opponents to stay away from you, as they won't have to worry about them if they stay outside their range (usually keeping them closer to your enemies in that case).

with the amount of assaultyness those other armies present, if you do blob up units i'd recommend finding a way to add power weapons to the sgts/commissar as well will add a good amount of killpower to those blob squads so they aren't just chewed through slowly... though they'll probably still take a good amount of wounds, they'll just be able to dish it out as well and hopefully survive longer that way.

otherwise, play a shooting game avoid losing more than one unit per charge whereever possible. you can do that by throwing out an infantry squad in front of an enemy unit whenever it gets close enough to charge, just spread it out enough that the enemy will have no way past it, while keeping your other squads far enough away that they'll be unable to be a charge target (due to restriction of staying in coherency when charging), then shoot up the unit when they're left in the open after annihilating that one unit in their turn.

guessing all the command squads are going inside the chimeras, which isn't bad with their kit-out, voxes would be nice for the orders as well(in which case i'd recommend blobbing into units of 20 to help make the orders more effective while not risking too many models per charge and cutting the amount of voxes you need by half), either way, don't take more voxes in your infantry squads than orders your can issue per turn (6).
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