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Exalted Hero, MoT, GW, Shield, Collar of Khorne, Bronze armor, favor of the gods=178
Exalted Hero, MoT, Barded Chaos Steed, Flail, BsB, BoftheGods=290
Exalted Hero, shield, flail, barded steed, Fury of the blood god, MoN=175
Chaos Sorcerer, Dispell scrollx2=135
Chaos Warriorsx15, Shields, MoN, Std., Banner of Rage=322
Chaos Warriorsx12, Shields, MoK, Std, Warbanner=277
Maraudersx20, LA&shields, Full Command, MoS=150
Maraudersx20, LA&shields, Full Command, MoS=150
Chaos Knightsx6, Std. Bearer, MoT, Blasted Standard=320
Theres nothing better than oodles and oodles of MR to slip up those magic heavy armies. And the list has some excellent defence against shooting. I dare to say it has an excellent chance against most armies.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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