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I'll be playing a doubles game against Chaos Demons and Chaos Space Marines. That might change but if it does it would just be another flavor of Space Marine army. I'll be fighting along side with the Dark Angels. We wanted to go for a infantry based army mostly. I know my CSM opponent likes to use Havoc Squads, Basic Chaos Space Marine Squads, Rhinos and Raptors. I don't know much about the Chaos Demons but I know he likes to take as much monstrous creatures as possible and I'm not really worried about blast weapons either of them rarely take them and at most we will have to deal with one flyer that would be the Helldrake or whatever it is called. Thanks

Company Command Squads 1-2
8 Plasma Guns
2 Carapace Armor
2 Camo Cloaks

Company Command Squads 3-4
8 Grenade Launchers

Veteran Squad 1-6
18 Grenade Launchers
6 Autocannons

Veteran Squad 7-12
18 Plasma Guns
6 Autocannons

Fast Attack
Vendetta Gunship
2 Heavy Bolters

Ageis Line with AA Gun

My partners list
Librarian 1-4
4 Storm Bolters

Command Squad 1-2 (In Drop Pods)
10 Plasma Guns

Tactical Squad 1-4
4 Chainswords
4 Power Weapons
4 Veteran Sergeants
4 Flamers

Dedicated Transport
Drop Pod 1-2

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad 1-6
24 Lascannons

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I really think that you're missing the point about Imperial Guard. Every unit that costs more than 100 points must be really, really thought twice before being bought. Also, you're generally overspending on units with that lot of upgrades! We're not marines...

You said that you're looking for a mostly infantry army, and you're skipping the most awesome troop in the game, the Infantry Platoon?

Damn, 2000 points of infantry only is almost my wet dream :p

CCS 1 - 2
2x Autocannons, 2x regimental standards (these will also man the two quad guns)

HQ 3
choose between:
CCS, 3x plasmaguns
Lord Commissar, Plasma pistol, Carapace armor

Platoon 1 - 2

Platoon command
1x autocannon

Infantry Squad 1 - 4
4x autocannons

Platoon 3 - 4

Platoon command
1x Lascannon

Infantry Squad 1 - 4
4x Lascannons

2x Aegis lines with 2x quad guns

You're against daemons which wants to eat your face, unless it's a KP game, DO NOT COMBINE your infantry squads.
PS: i've not added a vendetta because you have 2 BS4 quad guns to fire at the helldrakes with.
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