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Wanted to use some of my new space wolves in my guard list tell me what you think. Everything is moving forward the only thing holding the line is my one platoon command squad, infantry squads and long fangs pack with the rune priest. I can't really decide if I should keep my grey hunters back with the infantry squads in case anything gets close or if I should march them across the board behind my vehicles.

Company Command Squad (In Chimera)
4 plasma guns
1 astropath

Rune Priest (With Long Fangs Pack)
Living Lightning and Jaws of the Wolf

Wolf Guard Terminators (5 Terminators)
5 combi plasma's
5 power swords

Platoon Command Squad x2 (One Riding In Vendetta Gunship)
8 flamers

Infantry Squad x10 (Not Blobbed)
8 grenade launchers
10 auto cannons

Veteran Squad x2 (In Chimera's)
6 plasma guns

Grey Hunters Pack (10 Grey Hunters)
2 flamers

Dedicated Transport
Chimera x3
3 multi lasers
3 heavy flamers

Fast Attack
Vendetta Gunship
2 heavy bolters

Heavy Support
Long Fang Pack
5 missile launchers

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I would avoid a strictly linear list on general principles. You don't want the bum's rush. Using SW, I would Pod a couple Grey Hunters and a Dread to alpha-strike the enemy and delay his advance. Five Terminators and ten MEQs won't scare anybody.

Alternatively, maybe a Grey Hunter squad in a Land Raider for a mech-list centerpiece? That'll give the squad more coverage for counter-charging.

If nothing else, an infantry blob would keep the Rune Priest much safer than the Long Fangs. Long Fangs don't contribute much to footslog Guard.

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HQ: Fine. Astropath is useful but you only have one reserve vendetta and no outflankers so it could go.

Elites: I would give them a drop pod. You could also add another one in termie armour with a cyclone ML and put him in with the foot slogging grey hunters. This would improve their ranged firepower and a bit of a combat boost.

Troops: The other PCS should take a chimera as it won't get to shoot if it footslogs. Would you allow 4 puny flamers with no meatshields to get within 8" of one of your infantry units? I agree with Intrepid about getting one blob to host the rune priest and considder divination for him to get 50 guardsmen to reroll to hit with front rank fire order giving them 90 twin linked lasgun shots. I like the Vets but you may benefit from some melta in the list somwhere. Grey hunters footslogging is ok but not with flamers. 2 plasmas will be fun adding a devastating punch in close or a bit of long range potshots as you advance. Alternatively look at another drop pod for them and maybe keep the flamers.

Fast: Good

Heavy: With no meatshields this isnt a great place for the runepriest.

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I agree you should get a drop pod for the grey hunters and give them plasma guns. You could drop the astropath and maybe one of the veteran squads.
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