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I have a 3 way game coming up against the chaos demons and elder everyone for themselves. We are playing until one side is left. I could use some help I never played against the chaos demons. I'm almost always fighting space marines so any help against the demons would be nice.

Company Command Squad x2 (In Chimera) 225 points
8 plasma guns
melta bombs (just to fill in the 5 points)

Platoon Command Squad x2 (In Chimera) 150 points
8 grenade launchers
Commander Chenkov

Infantry Squad x10 650 points
10 grenade launchers
10 autocannons

Conscripts (50 man squad) 275 points
Send in the next wave special rule

Dedicated Transport 220 points
Chimera x4
8 heavy flamers

Heavy Support 480 points
Manticore Rocket Launcher x3
3 heavy flamers

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First thing's first: I have never fought Daemons before--I've seen people fight Daemons, but I've never fought them myself. Imperial Guard was my first army and I think that it is the army that I play the best (though admittedly, it's not too hard to play IG well). I have also dabbled in Eldar too, so I know a thing or two about that army.

Just as a note: I'm assuming this list is intended to be an all-comers list, as oppose to something you've built based solely on the two enemy lists you'll be fighting.

Now onto the advice. First thing's first: conscripts, fun as they may be, are terrible. Even if you can continually recycle them they won't do much. They'll charge or get charged, maybe drag down a couple of Daemons or Avengers with them, then they'll either 1) get eaten alive by whatever touches them, or 2) fail their save and run away, forcing you to recycle them. You can at least tarpit with a 20-50 man platoon blob + commissar.

However, I don't think footsoldiers are at all the way to go here. Daemons will tear you apart and even Eldar units that aren't usually very punchy will put the hurt on your poor little humans. I would axe the conscripts and instead put those points towards five Chimeras for your infantry guys. They'll give those GLs and ACs a mobile bunker with a built in multilaser and heavy flamer (for those pesky units that get close)--much better than a doomed conscript blob. Also, your normal guys provide enough GL/AC fire on their own, so I think your platoon command squads ought to be outfitted with meltaguns for added close-range Scary Monster/Vehicle killing.

Now onto your heavy support, I think three manticores is a bit much--unless, maybe, you've got a really big table and you plan to castle up at your end. But, assuming a standard playing field, I would take no more than two. Plus, if my understanding is correct, Daemons won't have the good decency to walk up to your guns and will instead be popping up all over the place. This makes three manticores very sad. As such, I recommend axing a manticore and using those extra 5pts you spent on meltabombs to instead pay for a Leman Russ demolisher.

Now maybe your collection can handle these changes, maybe it can't. No matter what, though, there is one thing to remember: everything hostile must remain at an arm's length. If Eldar touch you, you die, if Daemons touch you, you are horrendously disfigured then die. However, in a shooting battle (and in attrition battles), Imperial Guard trumps all. Use all your massed, high-strength firepower to stack as many wounds (and the more un-saveable the better!) as possible on anything and everything. Stay back and shoot--all the better if your two enemies end up gutting each other while you rain hell down on both of them.

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well if you're going for an all-comers list, you can pretty much just wing it, otherwise...

haven't played against eldar in a long while, and the only thing i can really remember being a pain from them was seer jetbike councils, which just need massed lasgun fire on them to force enough saves. and the other thing being use of their fast vehicles to grab objectives at the ends of games, but since you all are just doing deathmatch the eldar might not be so bad.

daemons will most likely be your big worry, as if the eldar player is mech he could simply run away from any daemons that tried to DS next to him, making you a much more logical choice to attack. there's a large variety of lists daemons could take and so a number of possible threats.

1. most daemons in general have a fairly poor save, even though it's invulnerable, if you can saturate them with a decent amount of lasgun wounds and blast weaponry, their squads will go down fairly quickly to shooting. that said, if any of their remnants reach your units in cc, it's generally safe to assume that your unit is going to die or at least suffer massive casualties, especially against daemonettes/seekers/etc which can pack a large number of attacks on the charge.

2. half the daemon army will teleport right next to you in turn 1, usually only giving you one turn to shoot them. i'd recommend an astropath adviser to at least give you a little bit of a buffer and slow his reserves from coming in.

3. plaguebearers, while not very strong offensively (unless you're a guardsman, which good news because you are) has the usually t5 and FnP, combined with an icon and placed in cover, is a fairly reliable anchor for future daemons to DS next to. while maybe not a huge threat themselves and can possibly ignored as a lower priority, wherever they are might be an area to keep an eye on

4. tzeentch heralds/princes/fateweaver: bolt of change is daemons' primary way to take out armor at range, at s8 ap1 it'll have trouble av13-14 but not against chimeras and the like. also, if upgraded, they'll be casting a second spell each turn at a different unit as well, which most likely will be breath of chaos, a flamer template that'll basically kill your guardsmen under it on a 4+. i've seen 2k lists that have taken 4 heralds and 2 princes with this setup, as well as 2 small 2-flamer units which also cast wind of chaos each, so be wary of up to 8 units that could potentially DS next to you and then hit your squads up with flamers.

on that note, if he takes fateweaver, watch out for that re-roll all saves ability he gives to units within 6" of him.

5. aside from bolt of change, Daemons other way to take care of vehicles is MCs, so watch out for 3-5 t6ish monsters with roughly 4-6 wounds each, their high toughness is a waste of lasgun fire (which will need to be concentrated on their core units of bloodletters/daemonettes/etc. but a good concentration of multilasers/autocannons from various vehicles/sentinels will help do wonders for you in this.

6. daemons have a variety of units with fleet and/or a 12" charge move (beasts/cavalry) so don't underestimate their ability to close distances quickly with a gunline.

probably some more, but that's the usual from the lists i've played against.

lastly, as a general tactic, i'd say bunker up in a corner somewhere, prevent the daemons from being able to DS inside your formation or on different sides of you. if you force him to deep strike in the general direction of the center of the table (as he may not be prone to trying to DS units within 8-12 inches of a table edge. then you'll conveniently be placing the daemon player inbetween you and the eldar, who unless he sits in the opposite far back corner, will become quickly intertwined with the daemon player and possibly setting up a shooting gallery for you while they tangle with each other.

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HQ: With all the troops on the ground and their dodgy leadership put a regi standard in each CCS. This should boost morale. Consider too the master of the fleet in one of them to make daemons arrive less reliably and to move eldar outflankers to the other side of the board especially if you wish to castle up in one corner.

Troops: Good. All those GLs will be great against horrors, letters and daemonettes when they land. I like the 10 squads on foot and the CCS standards should keep them brave. If you are combining often then get commissars and a vox network otherwise don't bother.
Ditch the conscripts and Chenkov for more squads or HWS. Massed autocannon can shred Eldar mechanised forces easily. Plasma Vets in chimeras can also be useful for this and are great against daemon princes with the bring it down order making everything twin linked.
Chimeras I would use for vets and PCS only. Arm them with ML + HF. Double flamer is poor. If you move even 1" you cannot fire the second flamer so unles the enemy is very obliging and moves to 4" from your tanks in a teardrop formation then forgets to charge you it isn't goint to happen.

Heavy: These are ok and can be great against daemons as they arrive. Eldar however may be more dificult as their strength can be reduced to 8 by the wave serpent rules. Hydras rock against Daemons and gravtanks especially as there are no coversaves for turboboosting or moving flat out.

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From how you wrote the list out you give the impression that you're putting the 2xCCS / PCS into the same chimera together. If so I would keep in mind that you can only fire 5x of the heavy weapons out of the top slot. You will save some points in transports but it's a really bad idea overall.

You really want lots of Chimeras if you're facing Deamons. You need them to tank-shock Fateweaver and push him away from his buddies in order to remove that rerollable invuln. It's way easier than trying to torrent him down, without the reroll demons are actually quite squishy to guard shooting.
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