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Company Command Squad
1 astropath
1 officer of the fleet

Lord Commissar (In blob squad)
1 power fist

Storm Trooper Squad x2 (5 storm troopers deep striking)
4 melta guns

Platoon Command Squad
4 grenade launchers
1 krak grenades

Infantry Squad x5 (50 man blob)
5 auto cannons
5 grenade launchers

Veteran Squad (In chimera)
3 plasma guns

Dedicated Transport
1 multi laser
1 heavy bolter

Fast Attack
Vendetta Gunship x2

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank
1 heavy bolter

Leman Russ Demolisher
1 heavy bolter

Colossus x3
3 heavy bolters

Aegis Line

The blob infantry squad with the lord commissar and leman russ battle tank will be behind the aegis line. The command squads will be behind the infantry squad to issue orders. The colossus tanks will be hanging back too but they will be out of sight. The demolisher and chimera will move up mid field. The storm troopers will take out any heavy armor and the vendetta's will deal with any fliers.

The first one to wipe out the other persons forces wins so I don't need to worry about objectives.
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