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Company Command Squad 1 (In Chimera)
4 Plasma Guns

Company Command Squad 2 (In Chimera)
4 Melta Guns

Company Command Squad 3 (Warlord)
1 auto cannon

Storm Trooper Squad 1 and 2 (5 Storm Troopers Deep Striking)
4 Melta Guns

Veteran Squad 1 (In Chimera)
3 Plasma Guns

Veteran Squad 2 (In Chimera
3 Melta Guns

Platoon Command Squad 1 (In Chimera)
4 Grenade Launchers

Platoon Command Squad 2 (In Chimera)
4 Flamers

Infantry Squads 1-4
4 Lascannons

Special Weapon Squad 1 (Riding in Chimera)
3 Grenade Launchers

Special Weapon Squad 2 (Riding in Chimera)
3 Flamers

Dedicated Transport
Chimera's 1-8
8 Multi Lasers
8 Heavy Bolters

Fast Attack
Vendetta Gunship

Heavy Support
Manticore Rocket Launcher
1 Heavy Bolter

Aegis Line
1 Icarus Lascannon

Pretty simple Chimera's and the Vendetta move forward while everything stays back and fires away. This list is for purge the alien.

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Did you know?
Special weapons squads can't start the game inside a chimera!

Also, I'd drop the heavy bolters from the vendettas, downgrade the plasma stormtrooper to melta stormtroopers, remove the snipers from the warlord command squad.

With the 50 points you got, you can upgrade the 4 Infantry squads autocannons to Lascannons and give an autocannon to your warlord.
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