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2,250 Torunament army plz review

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Khutep, Scourge of Numai - 270 pts: tomb king , Crook & Flail of Radiance, Armor of Ages , Vambrances of the Sun .

Sharek - 173 pts: liche priest , skeletal steed , Hieretic Jar , Dispel Scroll

Sekhef - 160 pts: liche priest , Staff of Ravening

Lahmizzar - 160 pts: liche priest , Golden Ankhra Casket of Souls.

Archers of the Sky - 185 pts: 20 skeleton warriors , full command

Archers of the Sun - 185 pts: 20 skeleton warriors , full command

Desert Storm - 165 pts: 3 light chariots , standard bearer , Standard of Cursing Word

Khutep’s Thunder - 229 pts: 11 heavy horsemen , crew no musician , Banner of Undying Legion

Scorpion Legion - 278 pts: 17 tomb guard , crew no musician , Icon of the Sacred Eye

The Awakened - 195 pts: 3 ushabti

The Risen - 85 pts: one tomb scorpion

Harvester of Souls - 165 pts: one casket of souls :alien:

=2,250 points

so whatcha think? im new to tomb kings, so help is appreciated. and no i wont drop the casket of souls. :p
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LMAO any time i had an 8 in parenthesis for a points cost, it turned it into a smiley. and (8) became a smiley. so that smiley represents and 8 then a ). just so you know.
Use the edit button instead of double posting next time. Also, army lists should go in the army list subforums. ;)

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I don't think your supposed to put individual pointages for things....

Remove the musicians and champions from the skeleton units- champions are fairly useless as an extra skely attack won't do anything. As for the musicians, undead don't get the main benefits of them so they aren't worth it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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