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Hii. I'm new here and this will my first warhammer army ever. Though I have been sculpting small men for art at school a while =) Most of my math is almost wrong, but I tried with the list from the games workshop website. all comments welcome. Sorry about my English, I'm learning =)


Centaur Bull Lord
Armor of Gazrakh, Obsidian Blade
270 points


Level 2, Dispel scroll
125 Points

Level 2, 2 Dispel scrolls
150 points

Chaos Dwarf hero
Heavy Armors, shield, additional hand weapon
70 Points


15 warriors
Champion, Musican, Standard Bearer, Blunderbusses
198 points

15 Warriors
Champion, Musican, Standard bearer, blunderbusses
198 Points

24 warriors (one sorcerer to go HERE)
Champion, Musician, Standard bearer, Great weapons
294 points

24 warriors (The other Sorcerer HERE)
Champion, Musician, Standard bearer, Hand weapons
246 points

24 Hobgoblins, (dwarf HERO here, i am sacrificing the speed to leadership)
Champion, musician, standard bearer, light armor, shield
126 Points

25 Hobgoblins,
Champion, musican, light armors, shield


Sneaky Gits
40 sneaky gits

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

9 Bull centaur, (my LORD will join here)
Musician, standard bearer with the Battle Banner, heavy armors
269 points

3 crews with hand weapon and heavy armors



My idea is that I cannot get the old chaos dwarfs so I will sculpt curly beards and tall hats on the regular ones. Because those are my favorite minis =) And for the bull centaurs i will cut the top off dwarf and bottom to put together and make some armors for them. I am planning to use gnoblar for sneaky gits and the Night Goblins for regular hobgoblins.

Any comment or help is welcome =)

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you may actually do better with dropping one of the units and making your units bigger (25 men) I think you could drop a couple of the blunderbus guys because having 4 complete ranks won't get you a stronger shot. I would go with hand weapon and shield on some of the chaos dwarf units. I would add another wizard with dispel scrolls and maybe a goblin or dwarf hero to make kills.

You could easily squeeze in a war banner on your bull centaurs and maybe get 2-4 bolt throwers since you're not using your special slots. I would also either bump up the hobgoblin units to 25 at least or drop their banners.

Just some suggestions. Maybe play some smaller point games before you build all of these in case you want to change a few things first.

There was a tutorial (3 parts/episodes) on youtube by a guy converting the battle for skull pass dwarves into chaos dwarves. That's probably the cheapest route. His stuff looked really good.

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Okay..thanks to you for advice =)

I have already bought the Skull Pass battleset, and some centaurs from one of my friends
I will update my List with the new choices =)

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I wouldn't bother with command or any light armour on the Hobgoblin units, they are best as a meat shield rather than a proper combat unit and the points cost isn't worth it. The rest of the army isn't bad.
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