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I've tried to post this in the Order of the White Sword forum, but the whole thing crashes on me everytime I try.
Same when I try to PM someone, must seem like I'm being really rude but I don't mean to be.

Anyhoo, here goes.

I recently got the DA Codex after GW sent me one in German, idiots. I printed off the FAQ from GW website and almost everything is clear to me apart from two things.
Are Ravenwing attack bikes still 1W, 2+ Sv or are they now like Codex SM attack bikes? Can't see it written anywhere.
Also, are plasma guns for the bike squads only 6 points or are they now 10points just like Codex SM says?

I've read and re-read it all a hundred times, can now read german better than I can speak english and I'm still none the wiser.

Anyway, cheers.

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urbanknight said:
Ravenwing attack bikes are as you said. (1w +2 sv)

Plasma guns in a bike squad are also as you said (6) .

Reference page 8 Codex Dark angels (US Version)
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