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1st question Let's say i have an Exalted Champion of Chaos/ Chaos Lord mounted on a juggernaut or daemonic mount generaly, and he joins a unit of marauders on foot, the champion is fear causing, does the unit get immune to fear also, or .. what ? ( i don't believe it happens thought, just curious ).

Example I got the champion in the unit of the marauders, and i get charged by an infantry unit ( not immune to fear ) does the opponent's charging unit get to test for fear and if it does, does it take the test according to the unit strength of the whole unit of marauders & hero or just of the hero ,if so does it take the test if it is about to come in contact with the hero or not ( more simple - what about flank /rear charged ).
Same case/question, what happens when i charge with that unit ?

2nd question Based on the 1st question--- > Let's say the mounted hero in the marauder unit is frenzy aka Khorne marked, does the hero have to charge if he reaches in legal charge range and leave the unit behind or i can choose to not charge and move with the unit, until the whole unit reaches charge range?

Also... I play a mounted on juggernaut hero( khorne ) in a unit of khorne marked knights, let's say the juggernaut gets killed from shooting---> hero dismounted, so the unit moves with the slowest movement now ( dismounted hero's.. 8 " ) BUT the knights are frenzy, if they are in charge range ( 14" ), the hero is not ( 8 ") , what happens ???

That's pretty much all. I was as clear as possible, i hope you understand what i mean. Will be back with more soonish, i got some questions from some friends too. :)

PS. HELP! ok ?! ;)

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1) The enemy will have to make a fear test to charge the Marauder unit only if they will be in direct base to base contact with the Champion in combat. So, with the Champ at the front, and the enemy cahrges the front, then a Fear test is needed. If the unit is large enough so that the Champ is surrounded by marauders from behind and on his flanks, then no Fear test is needed for Rear or Flank charges.
For the purposes of outnumbering, use only the total unit strength of all fear causing models in the unit (so if you have 2 fear causing champs in 1 unit, and they will both end up in base contact fighting, then sum their unit strengths.

2) Yes, If the Champ is ever within charge range then he must charge, being frenzied, even if the unit cannnot go with him, or you dont want him to. He will leave the unit in this case.

If the Hero's mount is killed, and the Knights are in charge range, then they wont go anywhere, Units cannot leave Characters when charging, only the other way around. As the Units movement is equal to the movement of the model in the unit with the lowest M, then the Knights movement efectively becomes 8" while the hero is still with them.

Great question though! :) almost didnt think it through and almost gave a wrong answer for that last bit lol.
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