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Here is a 3rd list i made. It is not as magic heavy as one i have made but a little more so than the other list i have.


Archmage lv:4-guardian phoenix, ring of fury, staff of solidity, dispell scroll
350 pts

Commander-on steed w/ barding, heavy armour, shield, foe bane, helm of fortune
143 pts

Commander- swordmaster, heavy armour, talisman of protection
124 pts


8 silver helms w/ full command, shileds, heavy armour
219 pts

12 archers
144 pts

20 spearmen w/ full command
250 pts


20 swordmasters w/ full command (bladelord w/ biting blade)
300 pts

Tiranoc Chariot
85 pts

6 shadow warriors
90 pts


2 RBT's
200 pts

100 pts

TOTAL: 2005 pts

Alrgiht once again there are a couple things i have that i can swithch out depending on the army i face. My commander on the steed will join the silver helms and the one on foot the spearmen. I gave the biting blade to the SM blade lord so he can maybe stand a chance against a hero in a challenge. Maybe 3 RBT's is overdoing it but i think that they could put some hurt on an enemy. My favorite tactic to use on an enemy is to target the same unit with all my RBT's, sometimes just a single bolt form 1 or 2 of them and a volley from 1 or 2, b/c this can decimate almost an entire regiment. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I will give replying a bash!!

I like the characters in this army bar the swordmaster commander. I don't see any real point in having him there, and I would suggest that you get a lv2 mage instead. To gain the extra points required I would suggest the following:

1) Drop the archers to a group of 10. That is enough at this point level (+24pts)
2) Drop the biting blade from the swordmasters. At the moment he strikes at str3 with a -1 modifier to armour save, instead of striking at str 5!! (-2 to armour save)

With the saved points I would get a Lv2 mage with the seer honour. That way you can pick curse of arrow attracrion and make your army much more effective.

On a side note I would also consider dropping 3 of the silver helms, or adding one to there number some how. One rank of 6 with the commander, or two ranks of 5.

Hope that helps :ninja:

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Yeah i complety forgot that the biting blade would negate the normal great sword. I agree with getting a level 2 mage with seer and curse of arrow attraction, that would really be beneficial to 3 RBT's. thanks for the advice it really helps. I am still somewhat new to HE's ive been playing orcs & goblins for quite a while.
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