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Hey all,

A while back I posted a list that I would be testing out with a view to taking to tournaments over the next year, as well as just generally competing in competitions in my local game store.

Below is the current incarnation I am using minus 30 points which I currently for the life of me cannot find a good home for. I've been equipping the Clanrats with Spears for the interim and have been doing just fine with them, but I actually feel they could be better spent elsewhere - static combat res coupled with flankers actually means I prefer using hand weapon and shields to win combat. Thus the spears are somewhat redundant.

Let me know of any suggestions you have to solve this little dilemma, plus any C&C on the list:

As always, the A-Bomb slots in nicely when I bump up to 2250.

SKAVEN 2000/2250

Level 4 Grey Seer - 335 pts.
D3 Tokens, Skalm, Power Stone, Power Stone, Dispel Scroll

Level 2 Plague Priest - 319 pts.
Flail, Plague Furnace, Shadow Magnet Trinket

Level 2 Warplock Engineer - 145
Warp-Energy Condenser, Dispel Scroll

Warplock Engineer - 45

20 Slaves - X pts.

20 Slaves - X pts.

25 Clanrats w/ Full Command, Shields - 132.5pts.

25 Clanrats w/ Full Command, Shields - 132.5pts.

9 Giant Rats - 35 pts.
1 Packmaster

9 Giant Rats - 35 pts.
1 Packmaster

9 Giant Rats - 35 pts.
1 Packmaster

9 Giant Rats - 35 pts.
1 Packmaster

30 Plague Monks - 285 pts.
Full Command, Storm Banner

8 Plague Censer Bearers - X pts.

6 Gutter Runners - 78

Doomwheel - X pts.

Hell Pit Abomination - 250 pts.
Warpstone Spikes

TOTAL - 2220 pts.
PP: 10 + 2 Stones + D3 Tokens + Condenser
DP: 6 + 2 Scrolls

The idea is to use the cover of the Storm Banner to advance up and take tactical positions - I have found the Furnace gets shot to pieces hence the further Magnets on the Priest. In combat, this unit is a total beast. I used to run a Bell on the Seer, but it just hasn't made its points back and I actually prefer what the points it spares gives me.

Whilst the Monks + Censers roll up one flank, the Doomwheel takes another, with the A-Bomb often positioning itself away from the Wheel between the Monks and the Horde. Depending on my opponent, I usually reserve one unit of Slaves/GR to deter frenzy baiters from my PM's.

Set-up is variable, but I have taken a shine to deploying like this:

12" --DW------------GR------SL------GR-------------------HPA------SL-------PCB--
9" -------------GR------CR-----CR------GR-----------------------PM+PF-----------
6" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Giant Rat Darts are incredibly good - fast moving, cheap, 10 S3 Attacks. Brilliant.

With a lot of heavy and dependable power on one flank, and a unpredictable but powerful Doomwheel on the other, its important to keep track of deployment, distance from friendly and enemy units, and bait them into a tarpit in the centre.

I'd be glad to try and answer any tactics questions people are unsure about.

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