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Hey all,

I've come up with what I will be taking to comped tournaments over the next year. Reading the army book, (ambiguities aside) I honestly think Skaven are going to be brutal if commanded by a competent, experienced player. Not like Daemons or Vampires who basically play themselves. The book is not overpowered but gives us thoughtful players some cracking opportunities.

Given that, I've come up with this list. Posted it on a few other forums too to garner as much advice as possible before I start submitting it, but the tourneys I'll be playing will be 2000/2250 so here goes:


Grey Seer – 330 pts. (joins Clan A)
Foul Pendant, Power Stone, Power Stone, Power Stone, D3 Tokens.

Plague Priest – 324 pts. (joins Plague Monks)
Level 2 Upgrade, Plague Furnace, Flail, Warp Scroll.

Warlock Engineer – 145 pts. (joins Clan B )
Level 2 Upgrade, Dispel Scroll, Warp-Energy Condenser.

Chieftain – 106 pts. (joins Clan 1)
BSB Upgrade, GW, Shield, Shroud of Dripping Death

20 Slaves – X pts. (5 x 4)

20 Slaves – X pts. (5 x 4)

10 Giant Rats – 46 pts. (6 x 2)
2 Packmasters

10 Giant Rats – 46 pts. (6 x 2)
2 Packmasters

21 Giant Rats – 95 pts. (5 x 5)
4 Packmasters

25 Clanrats A – 145 pts. (5 x 5)
Full Command/Shields/Spears

25 Clanrats B – 145 pts. (5 x 5)
Full Command/Shields/Spears

30 Plague Monks – 260 pts. (9 x 5)
Full Command/Banner of the Under Empire

8 Plague Censer Bearers – X pts.

Doomwheel – X pts.

TOTAL – 2000 pts.
PP: 10 + 3 Stones + D3 Tokens + Condenser + Warp Scroll
DP: 6 + 1 Scroll

The gist is playing to the Skaven's strengths, namely numbers and magic - hence a brutal magic attack with a solid infantry horde line. Censers and Monks roll up a flank, with the Doomwheel on the other (incidentally, the Doomwhell is a gorgeous kit and I thouroughly recommend picking one or two up!). I will obviously be using the pincer technique to funnel opponent into the tarpit of infantry in the middle, then overwhelming with numbers and flanking "Giant Rat Darts".

Now I know some players aren't fond of overloading the Seer, stating that Skalm is sufficient, but the Thirteenth Spell is just insane so I will be popping a Power Stone in each of the first three Phases (plus any Tokens I get) to try and cast.

At 2250, I simply add a Hell Pit Abomination with Warpstone Spikes.

Thoughts? C&C? Help me get this to tourney standard!

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