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Want to try out an all shooting list - first attempt at WE...are these lists competitive in non-tournament play?

Lord, Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Enchanted Shield, Glamourweave, Eagle, LA, spear - 301 pts

Alter Noble, Pageant, Hunter's talon, LA, great weapon, shield - 158 pts

Alter Noble, HoDA, HotH, LA, GW, shield - 158 pts

Spellsinger, 2x scroll - 140 pts

3x (10) glade guard - 360 pts

2x (5) glade guard scouts - 170 pts

2x (6) glade riders w/ musician - 306 pts

2x (5) waywatchers - 240 pts

(4) Warhawk Riders - 160 pts

1993 pts

Generally we play with 5 or 6 pieces of terrain including usually 2 or 3 woods so I should have terrain for the scouts. Basically I will try and avoid combat at all times and do points denial and whittle down my opponent shooting. Main opponents are WoC (50/50 footsloggers vs. all cav) and DE. I know i'm light on magic defense but I'm hoping to hold it off a turn or two and snipe the mages with the noble.

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The sniper noble is fairly unreliable. I would drop him and add another scroll caddy. I would also drop the glade riders down to 5 and add a waywatcher to each unit. I would probably drop a unit of scouts as well, and add in a couple more warhawks, and split them up into two units of 3.

Good luck,
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