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Ok heres my 2000pts list for blood dragons :shifty:

Vampire Count – Lv2, barded nightmare, Lance, Red Fury, Strength of Steel,
Heart Piercing, Ring of the Night = 364

Wight Lord – barded nightmare, HA, shield, Sword of the Kings = 103
Lv2 Necromancer – Book of Arkhan, Dispel Scroll = 150
Lv2 Necromancer - Black Periapt, Dispel Scroll = 140

19 Skeletons – LA, Standard, Musician = 205
19 Zombies – Standard = 124
5 Dire Wolves = 50

7 Black Knights – barding, Standard, Banner of Doom = 241
---Count's unit
7 Black Knights – barding, Standard, Banner of the Barrows = 236
---Wight Lord's unit
3 Spirit Hosts = 195

4 Ironguts = 192

TOTAL = 2000

Crits & comments welcome

Nick :yes:

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Pretty powerful list. Maybe take out strength of steel since he would already have 7str on the charge and would wound most things on twos. Take out the ring of the night as well and give him the crown of the damned netting you a better ward save. If you wanted to save points you could cut the sword of kings and give the wight a great weapon or lance, meaning only such heavily armored enemies like chaos would benefit from an armor save anyways, and making your total wounds easier. Give him the flayed hauberk and he will be near unstoppable. Either way though, he will be a tough character, and I would shift the choice depending on what you were playing. Your necromancers look good I often use similar combos. I think you may need more infantry than what you have there, your knights are strongest as flankers, so maybe take out two knights each and add in a unit of zombies? I haven't used ironguts before in my army, and dont really think you need them, Black coaches are cooler, and more of a psychological burden to your opponent.

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The only thing I would worry about in this army is the lack of a general in the centre of the army. This will mean your army will move more slowly across the battle field and therefore be a lot less effective.

I also wonder about the units of 7 black knights. If you loose one then the rank is gone, wasting the points really. I would do the following:

1) Drop both knight units to 5 strong
2) Add one more unit of 5 Dire Wolves
3) Give the Wight Lord the enchanted shield
4) Add 4 more skellies to the main unit.

The only thing I am then unsure about is the general in the wights. If you dropped him to foot and into the skellies then the centre would be solid. But this is up to you

Hope this helps :ninja:
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