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My thoughts:

-For a rule of thumb, if you're not maxing out Dire Avengers, then keep them at a minimum, trim them down to 5 per squad.good advice
-And you can either take out Shadow Strike or take out the Wave Serpent. I'd take out the Shadow Strike. Replace the Striking Scorpions Wave Serpent Scatter Laser into Shuriken Cannon, to save points, plus they should be heading close to enemy squads anyways. good advice in my opinnion
-Take out the Shuriken Cannons from the Dire Avenger Wave Serpents, I see it counter-productive to have a 24" cannon shooting along with a 48" since both might not be able to shoot, and they should be staying out of range anyways until last turn.nope. EML can be defensive weapons and you can shoot the cannon and the eml while moving 12 inches at infantery. And yeah from turn 3 yu`ll be for sure in 24" range anyway even if you`re not approaching the enemy directly
-Take out EMLs from the Storm Guardian tank and replace it with Shuriken Cannon, since the Wave Serpent should be close to the enemy so you can drop triple flamer templates.agreed. good advice
-And possibly take out the Autarch's Fusion Gun, I don't think you want him popping tanks at that range, then being open for an attack. But then again if he is with the Striking Scorpions he should be stuck in CC anyways.nope. one outflanking do not work on autarchs second for the autarch to charge it needs to open a transoprt first and the extreme low AT firepower of this list makes me cry
-And you might want to take out the Embolden from that second warlock, I don't see why you need two.this is a debate as somethimes you`re needed to take wounds on the embolden warlock and lose one. here is at OP feelings

With all these points free I say it's best to take out one Warlock and that will allow you to squeeze in a minimum squad of Fire Dragons in a TL Shuriken Cannon Wave Serpent for more anti tank options besides the EMLgood advice. OP try that surely. If needed you can take out some Spirit Stones and one more Warlock to increase the Fire Dragon squad number to add more AT effectiveness. I found a Seer Council of 6 to be just as about effective anyways without overkilling.debateble depending on play style and opponents

Besides those thoughts, 3 Prisms is always nice and so is the Seer Council. You might want to take the Night Spinner for a drive. I used it and it slows down your opponent unless they enjoy taking dangerous terrain tests.hmmmm. not in my oppinion

Hopefully my thoughts can help you balance your list a bit.
Op should look at AT firepower as he has very little to none. 1 spear 1 melta 3 missiles 3 prisms 19 S6 shots is very very low
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