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2000 Necron list

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Well, in the games I have played so far with this list I have yet to pphase out or lose (ties don't count)

Lord (HQ)- 210
res. orb
veil of darkness

10 Immortals (Elites)- 280

X5 10 Warriors (Troops)- 180 each

5 Destroyers (Fast Attack)- 250

8 Scarab Swarms (Fast Attack)- 128
disruption fields

Monolith (Heavy Support)- 235

75 models

So what do you guys think of this list? It has done extremely well, My opponents have yet to kill the 49 necrons, I like it.
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c'mon, is any1 there
Sorry to say this, but you can only have up to 100 points of wargear on you lord. I suggest removing the Warscyth. Other then that, it looks really solid. Good job.
Actually, he CAN have that very layout for his Lord. Trading the warscythe doesn't count towards the 100 points that the Lord can take.

Other than that, I think it looks like a pretty solid list, very Necron-y. The scarab swarms will tear up any vehicles that manage to stay out of shooting range, and the rest form one helluva firebase.
Thank you very much oplanapax, that was exactly what I was shooting for.
Indeed, its a solid take all comers list.

May want to incorporate some T.Spyders if you get the chance as they can really go a long way to keeping your warriors safe from assaults.
I would try to fit in a secound lord. In any game I play above 1000 I bring 2 lords all decked out. It really helps
Falloutboy431 said:
I would try to fit in a secound lord. In any game I play above 1000 I bring 2 lords all decked out. It really helps
Not really, 1 is enough and I do not want to drop 10+ warriors for 1 model, remember, phase out= bad.
If you Drop 10 Warriors and the disruption Fields on the scarabs which are not really needed because any necron can destroy a vehicle you get 212 points. With those points you can add the extra lord with a Ressurection orb and warscythe for 150pts Another Destroyer for 50pts to make 2 squads of 3. This make the list 1991pts instead of the 2003pts you have. With the list you have now Phase out is set at 17. If you make the changes phase out would be 15.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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