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Hi guys,

This is the first of two lists i need some advice on. I will post the other in a while.

  • Lvl. 4 Archmage with Jewel of the Dusk, Sacred Incense, Dispel Scroll and Power Stone (345)
  • Lvl. 2 Mage with Silver Wand, Dispel Scroll and Power Stone (185)
  • BSB with Armour of Caledor, Amulet of Fire and Great Weapon (163)

Core Units
  • 23 Spearmen with Full Command and Warbanner (252)
  • 10 Archers

Special Units
  • 13 Swordmasters with Banner, Bladelord, Skeinsliver and Banner of Arcane Protection (269)
  • 5 Dragon Princes with Drake Master (170)
  • 11 White Lions
  • Lion Chariot

Rare Units
  • RBT
  • Great Eagle
  • Great Eagle

1999 p.


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This isn't a bad list at all. Very well ballanced and fluffy. I do however, have a couple of suggestions.

1) Drop 6 Spearmen from the unit of 23. With the noble in there they are still effective enough to lose the 1 combat res from the rank, and the points are better spent elsewhere.

2) Having discussed it with you in chat, I would change the mage into the archers, rather than the white lions, and get 1 more of them to make that a unit of 12. I would also get them a musician.

3) Get 1 more Dragon Prince.

I hope this helps

ninja out

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Good solid list well balanced and I should think very effective. I agree with everything GN has said, personally i would drop the lion charriot and get another RBT and bulk up the elite infantry, it can't keep up with the DP's and if its meant to support the infantry it will probably be taken out by turn two. But as i always say you have to play with a list you like so good luck and have fun.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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