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I'm bored between classes so I thought I'd post a rough list I've been thinking about making. It's more of a fluff based list and its theme would be a chaos guard complete with demon sgt's among the cultist ranks and spidery stalk tanks in place of sentinels and a vet squad of the sons of sek. And yes, it seems like I can't do a list that doesn't in some way drive inspiration from dan abnett, although this is a collection of all his chaos characters, not from any one book.

Company Command
Mabbon Etogaur (Creed)
vox, autocannon
life ward (bodyguard)
camo cloaks (going to be modeled as a shield generator, original idea was to use a medi-pack for similiar effects, but needed the points)

Pater Sin (Primaris Psyker)

Psyker battle squad
1 overseer, 9 psykers
chimera (ML/HB)

Sons of Sek (veterans)
3x meltas, chimera (HF)

Chaos Cultists (line squads):
(Platoon command)
Apostate (commander), 4 flamers
4x line squads with GL's, power swords
1 vox
1 commissar with powersword
(each squad will be devoted to a different chaos deity, the sgt's will be chaos demons, I don't know what I'll model the commissar as though)

Traitor Guard Line Squad
autocannon, plasmagun
-75 pts-

Traitor Guard Heavy weapons teams:
2x mortar squads
3x autocannon squads

Nurgle Possessed Tank (Banewolf)

3x stalk tanks (scout sentinels)

2x heavy stalk tanks (armored sentinels)


closed carapace

Unless I got the points for the medusa wrong it should come out to 2000 points exactly.

I have 7 armored targets, a mass of infantry advancing on foot to block the enemy from advancing to me (and for fun), as well as a decent amount of dakka coming from my gun line. what do you think?

The scout sentinels will usually outflank, the armored or the banewolf might join them using creed's ability.

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Looks interesting to me, I like the Ghost's enemies flavoured list. I like the deamon sgts and different deities squads and the nurgle themed bane wolf.

I personally don't find HWSs all that survivable. Mortars are the only one I would take as you can hide them completely out of site, but the others are just three models which are insta-killed very easily. I'm not sure you need a commi in every squad (tis costing 40pts per squad), or that 2 I3 powerweapons will do all that much.

What are the sentinels armed with? Was generally plasma in the books.

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I like the list. Even though it is Chaos scum i really like the idea of Chaos Guard as it's something different from the comon and supposedly rare Chaos Marines.

A few things i don't really like is; Plasma guns on Bs3 models. They just don't hit enough to make them worth it.
I don't think you've got enough long range Antitank. The HWS wont last long and 1 Medusa just wont cut it. Maybe give the Advancing Squads Meltaguns instead of G-Launchers to give you that Extra bit of a punch against Heavy armour?

What are your plans for the Stalk tanks? In the books they seem almost Chimera in size but obviously you want something thats similar in size to a Sentinel. A baby Defiler, cute.

Acting XO of Tanith 1st
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I was planning on pretty much kit bashing two sentinels together, expensive I know but I think it'll be sweet looking, they're all armed with just the standard multi-lasers, don't have the points to give the armored plasma cannons, and if i did i don't know if i would.

oh for the line squads it's
4x squads, 4x GL's, 4x sgt's w/power weapons
1 vox, 1 commissar w/power weapon
all in one big blob.

and I know heavy weapons squads aren't too survivable but that's why I took 5 of them (well, 3 that would be in LOS to the enemy) and the reasoning behind that was to try and get some long range dakka to bust some transports.

I do like the idea of meltas in the line squads better though, i could drop the plasma gun to get the points, although then it'll just be 3 melta's and a meltabomb on the commissar.

Do you think I should get bastion breacher shells on the medusa? or stick to normal shells? the bastion breacher would make sense since I'm using the forgeworld laser destroyer as a closed carapace model of it.

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Bastion Shells are awesome but to be honest the only amazing thing about it is the AP1. The 2d6 Pen compared to 2d6 pick the highest isn't an amazing ammount of difference as you're str10 anyway. Plus it makes your template smaller AND means you have to see your opponent to kill them....... Which means they can see your AV12 vehicle. Why can't you use the Rules for Pask in a Vanquisher as the Laser Destroyer? I know it's more expensive but it'd be the right Hull for a start.

Those Conversions sound cool! you're going to have to put some pictures up when/if you do them.
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