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I am aiming for a rather shooty DE army. Please tell me if this list will not work. (Are 2 lvl 2 sorceresses enough in a 2k battle.. do I need 3??)

I realize 36 DE warriors is likey too much (I'd much rather have 30); however after reading through the forums it was suggested units of 12 to be an ideal number
danceman said:
why 12? well, with 12 you can reform them into 4x3 meaning +2 rank bonus and in combat you can use the hand weapon + shield bonus, in effect giving them a 4+ armour save in combat, not too bad i´d say.
however I would prefer to have more than 24.

3*12 DE Warriors (repeater crossbows) - 468
6 DE Riders (repeater crossbows, musician) - 127

6 Shades - 84
2*5 Cold One Knights (musician, standard bearer, dread knight) - 380

4 RBT - 400

DE Noble (lance, HA, shield, cold one, sea dragon cloak, black amulet) - 162
Sorceress (lvl2, dispel scroll, darkstar cloak) - 175
Sorceress (lvl2, dispel scroll, seal of ghrond) - 180

For the noble.. would a better combination be: (sheild of ghrond, sword of might?)
Thnx for all suggestions.

My appologies if this list sucks; any and all help appreciated.

Err; I think I messed up the points value of the warriors (just found the update). Is the update legal in tournaments? If so I think I've charged myself 72 points extra (yes/no?). If so, 36 of the points will be allocated to giving each DE shields.

The Dvl in Pale Moonlight
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aye its legal, its as offical as it gets.
so you have 70pts left to play with.

with these 70pts i suggest some harpies for march blocking and decoys to slow down your enemy once you shoot and magic him to pieces.

other than this it is fairly solid list, :yes:

one question thing, do you have shields on your RXB warriors? if not they arent all to fantastic anymore, still shoot just as good but paying 1 point for a 5+ save(4+ in combat really is worth it).

cheers dancey

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hmm the 12 in a unit seems ok but you are doing it for the wrong means in my opinion.. I mean you want 4x3 but that isnt the smartest thing to do because chances are they will kill atleast 1 guy in the first round of combat and you just lost that precious rank bonus you planned for.. Going for 12 is nice because you get 6x2. A semi solid +1 rank + the 2 extra men in the front. This is just what i think :)
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