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Hey all, I am posting about a new Necron army which I am interested in testing out. From a glance, let me know what you think.
Some things to keep in mind about my play style: (1) I love crypteks, especially Destro (2) I prefer immortals for their resilience, unless I run Ghost Arks (3) Wraiths pwn

That being said, check this out...

Necron Army - 2000 pts.

HQ: 865

225 Immohtek, the Stormlord *w/ Immortals A

125 Necron Lord (Gauntlet of Fire, Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle Scarabs) *w/ Immortals E

160 Destroyer Lord (Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle Scarabs) *w/ Wraiths

Royal Court: 355
35 1x Harbringer of Destruction (Eldritch Lance) *w/ Immortals A
40 1x Harbringer of Eternity (Aeonstave, Chronometron) *w/ Immortals A

70 2x Harbringer of Destruction (Eldritch Lance) *w/ Immortals B

70 2x Harbringer of Destruction (Eldritch Lance) *w/ Immortals C

70 2x Harbringer of Destruction (Eldritch Lance) *w/ Immortals D

70 2x Harbringer of the Storm (Voltaic Staff, Lightning Field) *w/ Immortals E

Troops: 525
85 5x Immortals (Tesla) *A*
85 5x Immortals (Tesla) *B*
85 5x Immortals (Gauss) *C*
85 5x Immortals (Gauss) *D*
85 5x Immortals (Gauss) *E* *Embarked in Night Scythe*

100 Night Scythe

************ 1390 ************


Fast Attack: 170
170 4x Canoptek Wraiths (3x Whip Coils)

Heavy Support: 440
175 Doomscythe
175 Doomscythe
90 Annihilation Barge (Tesla Cannon)

************ 610 ************

Post some feedback below, I like hearing opinions. Thanks! ^_^

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Looks interesting, I certainly wouldnt mind seeing how this list fares. If you try it out let us know!

I will say that you may find this list unreliable in that its reliant on special rule roles going your way (immhoteks lightning, chronometron) and its a bit hq heavy, but that being said it looks interesting.

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I like it. The only thing i might do is change 1 more squad of immortals to tesla but that's just me. And i assume the immmortal squad in the night scythe is for tank hunting? if so might merge groups d and e together for that extra firepower but then again i recommend playing then tweaking this list.
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