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2000 point tyranids Help!!

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Hey im posting this here because I got no response on the army list part and the deadline is coming up soon

Hive tyrant
Adrenal Glands (I and WS)
Toxic Sacs
2 Scything Talons
Warp Field

197 points

Brood Lord

7 Genestealer Retinue
Extended Carapace (Retinue)
Sctything Talons (Retinue

238 points

3 Warriors
Enhanced Senses
Extended Carapace
Toxic Sacs
1 Scything Talons

108 points

3 Warriors
Same except no Deathspitter

96 points

16 Gaunts

96 points

16 Gaunts

80 points

16 Hormagaunts
adrenal Glands (I)

176 points

16 Hormagaunts
Adrenal Glands (I)

176 points

3 Raveners (Seperate choices)
Rending Claws
Scything Talons

40 points (Each)

2 Carnifix
Enhanced Senses
Reinforced Chitin

163 points (Each)

3 Zoanthropes
Synapse Creature
Warp Blast

195 Points

8 Genestealers
Extended Carapace
Scything Talons

192 points

I was considering getting the special character "The Red Terror" but what should i drop instead, is there a model for him? how do i make one if it has to be customized?

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First of all, you should read the posting rules, army lists go in the army list section.
Other than that, its common practice to structure army lists in an easy to read format, like this

Tyrant Xpts
upgrade upgrade

X Genestealers Xpts
upgrade upgrade

Ravener Xpts

Its just so much easier that way :)
Now then, lets look at your list:

Your second unit of warriors, they have to have 2 weapon symbiotes, personally I would give them rending claws in addition to their scything talons, and if you have the points, throw in leaping.

Judging from the point costs of your carnifexes, they have venom cannons and barbed stranglers, you really should write that.

Your genestealers, both retinue and troop choice, are quite expensive. I've found that genestealers really dont need scything talons in fact they're usually overkill and make the stealers way too expensive.

Since you have 4 synape units in the HQ/Elite sections, I think its overkill to give the zoanthropes synapse, either drop the power or change it to psychic scream.

Since you have a vacant troop slot, you might want to consider splitting the hormagaunts up into 3 units, it will give you an additional scoring unit and force the enmy to split his fire, not to mention the fact that more units means better odds on getting good fleet of claw rolls.

The list looks pretty solid, the carnifexes and zoanthropes take down any armour, especially dreads, and then the gaunts, lead by the Tyrant, swarm the enemy with the genestealers mopping up any resistance. Meanwhile, the Broodlord and raveners keep the enemy busy by drawing fire and engaging him in CC.
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I would also consider trying a winged hive with a 2x twin linked devourer set up. This provides the benefit of a ranged attack with an effective threat radius of 30� and can be utilized on the charge. On top of that it provides 12, strength 5 shots with re-rolls to hit and to wound; that is statistically more lethal than a full fire warrior squad. This all comes at the cost of two close combat attacks, sounds worth it to me.

Just my thoughts
Ok so the new list is

Tyrant 205 points
AG (I and WS)TSWinged
2 TL Devourer (12 str5 twin lined and re roll misswounds)
Broodlord 70 points
7 Genestealer Retinue 140points
EC no scything Talons (retinue)


3 warriors 108 points
ES EC TS Scything Talon Deathspitter
3 warriors 96 points
ES EC TS Rending Claws Scything talons

16 Gaunts 96 points
Flesh Borer
16Gaunts 80 points
X2 8 Hormagaunts 88 points (each)
AD (I)
16 Hormagaunts 176 points
AD (I)
8 Genestealers 160 points
EC no scything talons

X3 one ravener 40 points (each)
Rending and Scything

X2 Carnifex 163 points (each)
ES RC Venom Cannon Barbed Strangler
3 Zoanthrope 195 points
Warp Blast Psychic Scream

1948 points, what to do

Thanks Bobo
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Sory forgot about the 2nd warrior squad.

3 Warriors 120 points
ES EC TS Rending Leaping Scything

Total 1970 points

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