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2000 point vanilla marines (sternguard)

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Can anyone see anything wrong in this list? Its awsome.

Pedro kantor - 175pts

Scout squad(close combat) 75pts
scout squad(close combat) 75pts

10 sternguard, 10 combi-melters, powerfist and drop pod - 360pts

10 sternguard, 10 combi-melters, powerfist and drop pod - 360pts

10 sternguard, 4 combi-melters, powerfist and drop pod - 330pts

Fast attack
10 vanguard, 10 powerswords and a land raider - 625pts

Pedro will be attached to the vanguard.
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anyone? or is it proven now that it is the most awsome army ever.
ok now looking at your list i do see a few problems. Firstly when you drop pod in yes you will kill anythink nearby however i can see the sternguard getting one round of shooting before being anhilated. This is because you have to remmber that they are as tough as any normal marine and i can just see 2 pods comming down on there owm and then getting oblitorated when its the oponents turn as he was only has a landraider to shoot at meaning roughly 2000 points of guns will be fired at the sternguard squad. Just my thoughths but i can see this list working just hope yor drop pod lands on target otherwise you will have wasted 300 points of sternguard. Also your vanguard would get pwned by genestlers with no invuns in the squad as well as anything with initive 5 or higher.
Quite a fragile list to my eyes which would get OWNED by genestelers.
Okay there's a bit of stuff... First off.. if you want to equip every vanguard with a powersword.. get an honour guard instead.. you can this as Kantor is a chapter master.. they cost the same.. but you get a 2+ save for free... and bolters.. in case you're outta charge range.. an extra attack and ws on the champ doesn't hurt either.. What Vanguard's better at is not having all models expensive as you can opt to let your not well-armed models die instead, but since you get gears for them all.. why not an honour-guard.. :)

That being said I dont think the list would work all that well as you might've hoped for.. any horde will most likely cause trouble.. and simply the fact that your standard model is around 30 pts means that you'll be outnumbered severely and every model lost will hurt.. I do of course not know your overall plan with it, I just see trouble.. It seems well yea.. as Bloodbath said.. fragile.. So many things can go wrong..
honor guard squads are 3 models arn't they?
honor guard squads are 3 models arn't they?
You can add more, as per the unit entry.

Your Vanguard squad is soaking up way too many points and won't be nearly as effective as it should be for that point cost. I'd honestly recommend dropping them entirely, in lieu of maybe an Assault Squad or something like that.

Your Sternguard have way too many combi-weapons, I would field no more than four (usually closer to 2-3) combi-weapons per 10 man squad.

The Land Raider will fall very quickly in this list, as it's the only AV on the board besides drop pods. I'd suggest swapping out drop pods for Rhinos, or finding the points in include some additional tanks. Or both.

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