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Chaos Lord :- Dark Blade, Daemonic Speed, Daemonic Resiliance, Daemon Armour, Spiky Bits, 2 Chaos Hounds, Bionics, Mark of Chaos Undivided (169)

Chaos Lieutenant:- Terminator Armour, Twin Lightning Claws, Daemonic Mutation, Daemonic Resiliance, Daemon Strength, Furious Charge, Mark of Chaos Undivided (145)


4 Chosen Terminators:- 1 Reaper Autocannon. All have Furious Charge and Mark of Chaos Undivided

7 Possessed:- Daemonic Talons, Aspiring Champion with Power Weapon and Chaos Spawn. All have Mark of Chaos Undivided.

Rhino:- Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers ( 58 )


12 Chaos Cultists :- 1 Icon Bearer, Cult Champion with Power Weapon. All have the Mark of Chaos Undivided and are Assassins. (99)

9 Chaos Space Marines :- 2 Plasma Guns, Aspiring Champion with Power Sword. All have Mark of Chaos Undivided and Infiltrate. (187)

10 Chaos Space Marines:- All have bolt pistols and close combat weapons. Aspiring Champion with Plasma Pistol, Power Sword and Daemonic Aura. All have Mark of Chaos Undivided and Infiltrate (190)

7 Bloodletters (182)

Heavy Support

Chaos Defiler:- Heavy Flamer, Lascannons (210)

6 Chaos Havocs:- 3 with missile launchers, 1 with Autocannon. Tank Hunters (182)

6 Chaos Havocs:- 3 with heavy bolters, 1 with plasma gun (162)

Basic Idea is to get cultists to an objective/vital point for daemon summoning, using defiler/havocs to take out threats to them (such as ordanance). By using infiltrate I hope to get closer to the enemy, and then blast them with rapid fire plasma/bolters. The possessed are accompanied by the Lord in the Rhino.

Close Combat Support is built around the close combat marine squad, and the other marine squad (in an emergency) can rely on WS 4 to win the day if need be. once the cultists have served their purpose for daemon summoning, they will cower behind their daemonic allies and then charge whatever they can to keep them from being shot up. I decided not to go for the Daemon Prince, as I thought it would be easier to keep him as a lord, for the sake of being shot at and joining units etc. Although under the new rules he now counts as a Daemon....oh well!!
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