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This past weekend in Kitchener was the Warmaster’s Challenge. Saturday was a 2 vs 2 2000 point game with scenarios, while Sunday was standard 2000 point RT with normal pitched battles. My partner and I went to the 2 vs 2 both brining Orcs and Goblins, and both of us had plenty on Saturday and didn’t feel like we could take Sunday, and 4 more game, without brain damage.

My list:
Savage Orc Warboss - Great Axe, Kicking Boots, Amulet of Protectyness
Savage Orc Shaman – Level 1 - Two Dispel scrolls
30 Night Goblins - Hand Weapon and Shield - Full command, Netters, One Fanatic
20 Night Goblins - Short bows, Three Fanatics
5 Spider riders - Spears – Musician
5 Wolf riders - Spears and Shields – Musician
Two Bolt throwers
Three Squig packs
Two Pump Wagons

My Partner’s List:
Black orc big boss, BSB, Spirit totem, Heavy Armour, Boar
Orc Big boss, Screaming sword, light Armour, shield, Boar
20 Orcs, Sword & Board, Full command
20 Orcs, Sword & Board, Full command
20 Night Goblins - Spears, Three Fanatics
2 Bolt Throwers
Stone Thrower
Doom Diver

The scenarios were divided up into 3 objectives, primary, secondary, and tertiary, worth 15/10/5 respectively for achieving them. Normal victory conditions didn’t normally apply.

The first scenario, one teammate had to nominate going for the primary, while the other had to go for the secondary. King of the hill was the primary objective, have the highest unit strength within 6 of the center. The secondary objective was to have a unit in your opponents deployment zone at the end of the game (at least unit strength 5), and the tertiary was win by at least 200 points.

Our opponents in this game were Dwarves and Dogs of War.
The Dwarf list from memory looked like this:

Rune Smith
20 Warriors
20 Iron breakers
Organ gun
Bolt thrower, engineer and str 7

Dogs of War:
Mounted Pay Master
8 Heavy cav + character
Heavy armour and shield crossbowmen + character and command
10 Dualists
5 Fast cav with bows

There may have been a small unit or two of quarrelers or archers, I can’t recall.

I was going for the secondary, my partner for the primary. There was a very small hill in both deployment zones, forest in the top left from us, and a big ruin in the center right.

We did our standard deployment for the day, Two blocks of orcs in the center with the big goblin unit just beside, with the BSB, General, and big boss each in one of the units. These were flanked by the 20 man fanatic units, wolf riders and squigs on the left, spider riders on the right, stone thrower on the hill, and bolt throwers pointing through small gaps in the lines, and pump wagons one on each side.

They set up the bolt thrower on the hill, organ gun in front, knights with pay master on our right, both dwarf units facing off the orc blocks, the crossbowmen in between the organ gun and the dwarves with duelists right beside, and the fast cav and giant hidden on the left behind the forest.

Orcs win first turn.
Magic wasn’t a factor in this game

We basically sat still. Spider riders moved up into the ruins seeing the organ gun, and both fanatic units shift up, as do the squigs. Wolves fail animosity. Shooting killed some iron breakers, a Knight and 1 wound on the giant, while the doom diver misfires and can’t shoot next turn.

Dwarves advance, knights charge the spider riders who flee, giant hides better. Organ gun re-rolls it’s 4, and misfires getting no shots. Bolt thrower blows up a pump wagon, and crossbowmen kill a couple goblins.

Turn two
Goblins on the left rush forward in animosity releasing 3 fanatics, 1 stops short, 1 hits the iron breakers, 1 hits both the iron breakers and the warriors. Many dead dwarves later the whole orc line advances (except 1 orc block who play cards) while the spider rides fail to rally and run off the table. Fanatics are released from the second gobo unit, 1 hitting the duelists and the other 2 moving towards the knights. Shooting puts another wound on the giant.

Giant moves out with fast cav, dwarves shift away from fanatics towards the center, knights move away from fanatics looking to go around the ruins the long way on the right. Bolt thrower blows up the other pump wagon, organ gun kills 8 goblins in the big unit, crossbowmen kill a few goblins in small unit.

Turn 3
Orcs move into charging position both with orc characters joining 1 unit, big goblin unit with general argues, squigs face the giant. Rock lobber deviates, doom diver kills 5 iron breakers, bolt throwers bring giant down to 1 wound.

Giant charges squigs, dwarves tidy up their battle lines, fast cav moves into position to charge a bolt thrower and over run into rock lobber, knights continue to move around ruin. Bolt thrower kills some goblins, organ gun kills some goblins, crossbowman kill some orcs. Giant rolls pick up and throw, rather then risk a squig bite he picks up a goblin that dies horribly but takes no wolf riders with him. Squigs eat the giant, and he falls on them killing a few.

Turn 4
Waarg is called, one block of orcs charge the both dwarf units, remaining goblins on the right charge the organ gun, wolves fail a charge on the crossbow men (1 inch out) but thanks to extreme angle only a few can stand and shoot and only 1 wolf dies, squigs and left goblins turn to face the probable overrun path of fast cav, warboss goblins turn to face flank of dwarves. Doom diver misfires, can’t shoot next turn, 1 fast cav is killed and the rest can’t see much. In combat maximizing leaves dwarf thane out of combat this turn as he was on far corner. Between the screaming sword and the BSB dwarves lost combat by 7 as they only have 1 rank bonus remaining. Thane uses rune of 1D6 break test, but still fails, and both units are run down by the orcs. Goblins kill 1 organ gun crew, and crew kills 1 goblin and stand on gunner’s pride.

Knights turn back to face the flank of the goblins in combat with the organ gun, fast cav charges goblin bolt thrower. Some orcs die to bolt thrower + crossbowmen. Bolt thrower is killed but take 1 fast cav as they die, fast cav overrun into rock lobber.

Turn 5
Wolves charge bolt thrower, orcs with characters charge crossbowmen, the other orc unit holds the center, squigs and night goblins set up charges for the current position of the fast cav, and on the next bolt thrower in overrun position. In combat the orcs kill the crossbowmen, overrun into the bolt thrower who is in combat with the wolves and so that combat resolves and the bolt thrower is destroyed. Fast cav wiff their attacks, and goblin war machine crew kills 1.

The rest of the game has the knights kill the remaining 10 goblins from the right fanatic unit (who never could defeat the last dwarf crewman), the fast cav getting killed by the stone thrower crew, and the game ending with the heavy cav in the flank of the orc + characters unit that would not be resolved as there is no turn 7.

We get all 3 objectives, holding the center with the orcs, the wolves in their deployment zone, and winning by more then 200 points.

Game 2 had reserves. Between 300-500 points of your force had to come on from your tableside or one of the table edges on turn 2, but can’t be the same side as your opponents.

Our opponents were Empire and Britonians
(I may have forgotten some units here, lots of small detachments)

Fire Mage
Shadow Mage
10 Hand gunners with 5 man free company and 5 man crossbowmen
10 Hand gunners with 5 crossbowman
10 skirmishing archers
Hell blaster

Bret Lord
8 Knights of the realm
8 Grail Knights

We kept wolves, spiders, pump wagons, and one unit of goblins off the table. They kept Knights of the realm and BSB off the table.

Objectives were primary to hold terrain by having a unit with str 5 within 6 of a piece and no opponents within 6 of it. Secondary was to win by 600 points. Tertiary was to keep your opponents out of your deployment zone.

There were 4 pieces of terrain, a forest and a hill in their side, and a few huts and a forest in our side.

This game went poorly for our opponents. Turn 1 miscast followed by snake eyes killed the shadow mage and 2 crossbowmen, cannon misfired (so it couldn’t grapeshot the spider rides and two pump wagons that were right in front of it from reserves), and as we had first turn due to brets praying, we were able to pick the side to bring on reserves. Bolt throwers, a dead on shot from the rock lobber (1 center template hit, and 7 partials) and 3 fanatics they charged through meant the Bret lord had no grail knights left when he hit the goblins that had come on from reserves. He killed 3 goblins then broke, only to be sniped by bolt throwers the next turn. The two pump wagons and spider riders killed the cannon and 3+ units in the back. The hell blaster rolled a misfire 6 on it’s first shot, killing 6 orcs but blowing up. The bret reserves came on march blocked by the squigs, spent 3 turns coming around the huts in the back corner to end up facing the flank of the orc unit that squabbled for 3 turns in a row. Our BSB moved out of the other orc unit on his boar to block the charge and divert the knights off the board if they overrun. Instead their BSB with the costly negates ranks and out number banner charges out of the unit by himself into the orcs, manages to win combat, but the nearby general and our BSB makes sure the orcs stand.

We did have one strange rule question pop up. They cast wall of fire on the unit of 30 goblins with the warboss and shaman in it. On our turn the shaman had charge range to the free company and had to charge out of the unit due to frenzy. After calling in a judge and losing a +4 rules roll, it was ruled that charging out of a unit means the whole unit “moved” and 28 of the goblins died in a fiery inferno.

We win the primary (squigs in the forest in the top left, spiders in the hill on the top right where the cannon was, and goblins by the forest in our back right) and win the secondary, but tie on the tertiary as the Bret knights are in our deployment zone and the spider riders in theirs.

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Game 3

This was the strangest scenario. Each player had to deploy in a separate corner, 24 inches away from each other, dividing our forces. The primary objective was to capture table quarters. However most of the players there didn’t read the fine print (myself included) and to capture a table quarter you needed a unit of at least str 5 from BOTH players to be in the quarter. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth half way through the round when most of the room caught on. The secondary objective was to win by 200 points, and the tertiary was to nominate a unit from each opponent. Whichever side destroyed more of their picked targets get the objective.

So far my partner and I had vastly out numbered our opponents, but in this fight it was almost ridiculous. We were playing against Brets and high elves.

9 Knights of the realm
6 Grail Knights

10 archers
10 phoenix Guard
2 repeater bolt throwers

There was a duel between one character from each player at the start of the game, the winner getting +1 to first turn and +1 to battle points (everything resets for the actual game, so no wounds, and all one use items and powers are back). They won first turn, and Teclis killed the warboss with the Hunter’s spear, and cast the beast cowers on the Orc big boss on a boar. Then the paladin charged and killed him.

I squared off against the High elves, and my partner against the bretts.
We won first turn again even with their +2 to the roll, as the Bretts prayed. This game was basically over on turn 2., except that we didn’t read the fine print of the mission. On turn 3 we realized that both player needed a unit to hold a table quarter, and the main interest of the last turns was to see if I could extract my spider riders safely, which I was unable to do. After 2 rounds of bolt/stone throwers, doom divers and fanatics the brett player had 2 characters left. I lost my fanatic goblins to the two characters as again the costly banner of no outnumber and no rank bonus was there. A Pump wagon then killed the BSB only to lose to the Paladin a few rounds later. The bolt thrower and archers were killed by the warboss + rapidly dwindling to multiple castings of flames of the phoenix goblin unit. Teclis was super annoying. He miscast once, which he can ignore, and otherwise every spell except for 1 was cast with irresistible force the whole game leaving me with a dispel scroll I was never able to use, let alone our 6 dispel dice.

We had another strange rules question pop up. I charged the remains of my squig herders into the phoenix guard with Teclis hiding immediately behind. They lost combat and broke. I pointed out the squigs go wild rule, which states that when the unit flees it does 1D6 str 5 hits to every unit in 2D6 inches. They pointed out that all the squigs in the unit were dead. I pointed out that nowhere in the rules does it say there must be squigs remaining in the unit. The Judge came over, and ruled it a +4 affair, and we lost the roll. I rolled the damage anyway to see what would have happened, and irritatingly Teclis would have been eaten by wild squigs. It didn’t mater to the mission objectives, but he was super annoying, and it would have given us some headhunting points.

In the end we would have had the primary if we had fully understood the objective from the beginning and had just moved the spider riders directly to my teammate’s quarter, but we still had a draw on the primary, a win on the secondary and a win on the tertiary.

Game 4

By this point we had done much better then either of us had expected to. My partner surmised (apparently correctly) that after our first 3 games we were in the top 4 and in the running for the #1 generalship spot. The primary objective was to win by 600 points, the secondary was to capture more objective markers then your opponent (we had 5 on our table) and the tertiary was to crush your opponent by 1200 points.

We were playing an empire/high elf team.

High Lector on war alter with speculum and +2/+4 save with great weapon
Mage with staff of storing
6 Knights
15 Swordsmen with free company detachment
10 crossbowmen
Great Cannon

Fire Mage on Dragon
5 Dragon princes
6 Dragon princes
10 Archers
8 White lions

The less said about this game the better. It was the end of the day and I made mistakes through the game, from the placement of my Goblin fanatic unit, to forgetting to move my spider riders, to not getting down on the table to ensure the overrun from one of my pump wagons was actually off the table, and not able to just clip the other pump wagon and then funnel the knights into my own flank. I also forgot that the speculum also switches strength, so when my warboss and the arch lector went toe to toe I was only str 6, and couldn’t smash the chariot. Even with the amulet of proteckyness stealing his saves, I failed 3 out of 4 of the saves handed to me over 2 turns needing +3/+4. They were not very exact with their maneuvering of ranked units, which I found annoying. The Dragon princes moving around 4 inches up and to the left without actually going the maneuvers, or the unit of eleven archers going from facing directly forward in a 5 by 2 formation, to facing 150 degrees to the right in a 10 by 1 formation without a reform so they can still shoot for example. While it may have been possible to turn 180 degrees wheel an inch, and then expand frontage to 10 by 1, I really would have like to seen it measured it rather then just moving them. Next turn when my wolf riders were charged by them it was a close thing, and a wheel by a 10 wide unit may have caused the charge to fail.

Anyways in the end we were crushed with them holding more objectives, and beating us by a massacre. A real lesson in constitution I think, as I just didn’t play this game as well as I had the first 3, and after the first few turns I just wanted it to end, which made me rush and forget things. I think my partner held through this game better then I did. With this battle in the bag our opponents won best generalship.

We placed seventh overall, fourth in generalship, and although we tied for fifth in painting, we did win best painted Evil, as everyone who placed higher was a goody goody. There were 24 teams in total.

It was a very well organized event and a lot of fun with a lot of good people showing up to game.
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