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Heres my chaos nurgle list,it lacks characters but makes up for it with the amount of units.Please rate.

Lord:Chaos Lord=hand weapon,armour of damnation,helm of many eyes,mark of nurgle,daemonic mount,great weapon=371

Hero:Chaos Sorcerer=hand weapon,chaos armour,level 2,mark of nurgle,dispel scroll=185

Core:Chaos warriors x 11(Sorcerer)=hand weapon,heavy armour,great weapons,full command,mark of nurgle=256

Chaos warriors x 12=hand weapon,heavy armour,shields,full command,mark of nurgle=260

Chaos knights x 6(Lord)=Hand weapon,heavy armour,shield,barded steed,full command,mark of nurgle=298

Marauders x 20=hand weapon,shield,full command=145

Special:plaguebearers x 16= 256

Nurglings x 4=160

Furies x 5=75


The furies arent really that nurglish but im planning a conversion involving plaguebearers and furie wings whick will hopefully look good.

Also, do any of you know any good murglish sounding names for my characters?Apart from that can you please rate my army?


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pump the marauders to 25, they'll have a lasting strength this way.

the Helm of many eyes and great weapon combo is over rate really, you might want to benefit from a shield anyway. Also a magical weapon can save your beacon against many foes.

Mounting your general is a bad idea IMO, you'll leae a good part of your force without is high leadership, something you might regret later on.

Kepp the sorcerer lv 1, and grab another scroll instead.
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