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I'm playing in a mega battle with 20,000 Points of tyranids from a local GW. Its a mega battle so I can have some over priced units and get away with it I hope. This list odes streach a bit sence every model I own other than a Rhino and one or two marines is used.

Master of sanctity with Terminator honors jump pack and powerfist=160
Master with Master crafted power weapon terminator honors and storm bolter=125
Tyranid war veterans
9 Marines with Flamer, Heavy bolter and terminator honorsSergeant with powerfist=279(Whole squad has terminator honours not just the sergeant)
Rhino with smoke and armor=58
8 Devastators with 4 Missiles and tank hunter=224
5 Marines with lascannon=90
5 Marines with lascannon=90
5 Marines with lascannon=90
5 Marines with Plasma cannon=95
Fast attack
2 Land speeder tornados=160
1 Land speeder=50
10 assault marines with powerfist 2 plasma guns=260
Heavy support
Predator annihilator with HB=130
2001 Points

Only thing Im iffy on is the rhino, but I dont have a drop pod model so I have to use it anyway.

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On the five man tac-squads....drop the lascans for hvy bolters. They work miracles against the brood hordes....or take missile launchers and have the ability to fire both frag & crack depending on what target they are facing.
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