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This list is pretty much my standard list although I do wonder if it needs some tweaking!

Lord with Grail vow, virtue of knightly temper, lance, armour of agiluf BBW
BSB with noble disdain and sword of might I think can't remember his magic weapon atm.
Damsel barded warhorse level 1, 2 dispel scrolls
damsel mounted level 1, 2 dispel scrolls

6 knights errant with full command
8 Kotr full command banner of chalons
8 Kotr full command
9 questing knights full command and banner that gives the extra dice to leadership
4 Pegasus knights with banner
5 mounted yeomen full command

sorry about the lack of names for items I don't have list or book on me right now!

the lord goes with a damsel in the blank unit of kotr
the bsb and other damsel go in the banner of chalons unit.

The questing knight unit tends to face of against any terror causes or hard unit. The knights errant support whichever of the bigger lances needs help unless there are lots of enemy units that need charging at the same time. The mounted yeomen either distract, rear or flank charge or hold and draw a unit so it can't flank the lances. The Pegasus knights go up a wing with a view to flank charges or taking out stray units and warmachines.

That's a basic rundown of my list. I'm getting fairly proficient with it now but feel it could still do with a little tweaking.

Any help much appreciated.

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