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Here it is. please tell me how it sucks, and what i should do to fix it.

Terminators 430 Pts
1 Chaos Terminator Lord: Mark of Nurgle, Lightning Claws (pair)
5 Terminators: Mark of Nurgle, Power Weapon (x2), Chain Fist (x1), Power Fist (x2), Combi-melta (x1)
1 Terminator Champion: Mark of Nurgle, Lightning Claws (pair)

Chosen 428 Pts
1 Chaos Sorcerer: Familiar, Mark of Nurgle, Force Weapon (x1), Plasma Pistol, Nurgle's Rot, Wind of Chaos
5 Chosen: Mark of Nurgle, Flamer, Power Fist (x1), Power Weapon (x2)
1 Aspiring Champion: Mark of Nurgle, Power Weapon

Chaos Space Marines 215 Pts
6 Chaos Space Marines: Mark of Nurgle, Plasmagun (x1)
1 Aspiring Champion: Mark of Nurgle, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol

Chaos Space Marines 210 Pts
6 Chaos Space Marines: Mark of Nurgle, Meltagun (x1)
1 Aspiring Champion: Mark of Nurgle, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol

Bikers 346 Pts
6 Bikers:
Mark of Nurgle Meltagun (x1); Plasmagun (x1)
1 Biker Champion: Mark of Nurgle, Power Fist

Havocs 260 Pts
6 Havocs: Mark of Nurgle, Autocannon (x2), Heavy Bolter (x2)
1 Aspiring Champion: Twin Linked Bolter, Power Weapon

1 Predator 145 Pts: Extra Armor; Autocannon, Lascannon sponsins

Total Roster Cost: 2034

ok, so i'm a little over 2k. But im just looking for feedback :) I see my weakness as being lack of anti armor and very little mobility.

Any thoughts on making the troops plague marines instead?

The HQs are pricy i know... i can drop the sorcerer.

Any thoughts on typus?

I know my list is fluffy with 7 man squads and all. and i understand that fluff=casual. im just trying to make it work as well as possible.

Thanks in advance

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HQ: I don't rate either. The Lord is just an extra attack terminator with I5. Useful but he costs the same as 4 termies which are far better in combat than he is. The sorceror too is poor as nurgles rot is hardly devastating. I would drop both for a daemonprince with MoN, wings and warptime.

Elites: Termies are ok. I would arm them all with combiplasma or combimelta. Give one or two PF/CF and maybe a L-claw if you have points left over. Chosen suck. They are not scoring and Ld10 is hardly an improvement as any champion will give you that. Drop them.

Troops: PMs are far better than IoN CSMs. They get fearless, blight grenades and FNP all for the loss of one point of initiative. They can also take pairs of special weapons in small-medium squads. IoN is also expensive especially in smallish units like yours.

Fast: Bikes are very expensive. Take PMs in rhinos instead. They are cheaper, tougher and scoring units.

Heavy: Havocs are not great as they are static and not too good against vehicles. If your troop squads are in rhinos take AC/2LC preds or vindicators. If everything is footslogging take only obliterators. Having only 1 tank is just asking to be picked out by every lascannon the enemy have. This way You either take lots of tanks and overload his antitank ability or you take none and make his antitank firepower redundant apart from popping marines.

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Mad Cat is right about just about all his points.

You will need movable/DS fire support. Havoks are neither. Vindicators are a real thorn to then if the got daemonic possession, while predators with Auto and Las are cheap and good at 4 shots 48".
Obliterators may be a bit slow for you,since you dont have much many other fast units. however if you scrap about 2/3 marks of nurgle and make PMs instead and the daemon prince mad cat suggested, then a cheap squad of infiltrating chosen(cheap compard to your current build !!!)
with mark of chaos , or nurgle if your going flavour, can help both Oblits and Termis DS properly.

Basically, Bikes for Chaos suck nutsacks. More than 2x the points of a basic chaos warrior, for 1 toughness more. sure theyr fast, but for 2 points more than 1 biker, you get a 10 capacity rhino and gess what, chaos marine, or PMs, are troops :D.

Termis require about 2-3 combi weapons per 5-6 of them, to be worth playing, more if you have them. If you dont have a lot of stuff, just a 10 points of upgrade per model is a good rule. So if one has a chainfist, give the nxt guy a combi flamer or melta or w/e you want for 5 points. then theyr not too costly, yet remain flexible and strong.

in the end, you can win with just 3 squads of PMs, some armoured support/ obliterators and a unit of two in DS reserver, due to tuffness5 FNP on like 30 models in your army. Just watch out for battlecannons and Plasma. If you got 100 or so points free, try a pair of personal icons and a small group of lesser daemonss, to bulk up on non-23points-minimum-per-model numbers.

Also, if you look at your list, you have 3 guns at str8 and 2 at 9, and one is one shot only, and theyr all at 12 range. in a word, thats ****. Get PMs with multilple special weps and some decent guns too.
- Pms instead of chaos marines ( around 3 - 4 squads depending on size ) with 2x special weps
- all rhinos
- some armoured support or oblits or both
- no chosen, or a small squad ( no more than 7 or 8 ) with supporting weps and icon
- CHANGE HQ (only decent non-daemon prince hq seems to be terminator sorcerer at less than 150 points, maybe lash or warptime or bolt) tho nurgle does suck at psychic stuff
- typhus = ownage guy who is really cool yet dies to one melta shot or lascannon and then takes 200+ points with him. all for a measly 10 point meltagun. not worth his points

Just my understanding, but imho its what you need to do to win. 7 is nurgle but 7 doesnt mean win.

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I agree about Typhus. If he had eternal warrior or even true toughness 5 instesad of 4(5) he might be worth it. As he is he can be killed by a single powerfist. I'm not too worried about meltaguns etc as you can always allocate the instant killing shots to a squad member.
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