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...or is it?
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This game took place at my house, and the points balance is slightly tilted in favour of my enemies. For some reason, my Dark Elves decided to challenge all the warhammer collectors in the house. That equalled three people and about 2300 points (Ihad about 2150). Also, a couple of rules might have been tampered with either because Alex (the orc general) doesn't understand them, or, for instance, in the case of Malus Darkblade I do not know his characteristics or point value, so we compromised together.

Anyway, here are the army lists:

Dark Elves:
Core Units:
1x16 warriors with repeater crossbows 112pts
1x15 warriors with spears, 1 hero 165pts
1x10 warriors with repeater crossbows 70pts
1x5 dark riders 85pts
Total 432pts

Special Units:
1x6 witch elves 72pts
1x4 harpies 48pts
1x3 shades 42pts
Cold one Knight (yes, we weren't exactly observing all the rules) 28pts
Cold one chariot ? (200pts)
total 390pts

Rare units:
royal war hydra (+2 beastmasters) 255pts
repeater bolt thrower 100pts
total 355pts

Lords and Heroes
Grade 2 scorcerress, Tuerna 120pts
Shadowblade 360pts
Malus Darkblade ?(400pts)
Total 880pts

Total 2057pts

2x8 orc boys 80pts
orc boy 5pts
1x12 orc boys with bows 60pts
1x3 orc boys with bows 15pts

boar chariot 80pts
boar -

rock lobba 80pts

1x2 goblin shamans 110pts
Grugnil, orc warboss 110pts
Total 540

High Elves
1x12 spearmen 120pts
1x13 archers 156pts
1x11 silver helms 198pts

1x3 swordmasters 36pts
ellyrian reaver 17pts
dragon prince 25pts

repeater bolt thrower 100pts
total 652pts

2x8 spearmen 96pts
1x6 spearmen 36pts
2x7 handgunners 112pts
1x8 handgunners 64pts
1x20 members of the free company 120pts
1x20 halberdiers 120pts

knight 25pts

cannon 100pts

2x1 battle wizards (1 mounted) 120pts
Captain Sleuthmann 50pts
Biannok, Empire general 80pts
Total 923pts

Total for enemies 2115

OK, sorry for that really long army list Everyone is given about 1250 square inches in which to deploy. I havre several villages, a hill, two copses and a marsh. The High elves have 6 marshes and two hills. The Orcs have a large ruined city. The empire haver a number of hills. The high elves deployed very close to me. I knew I would lose, say, 500pts if my turn came after his. Thankfully, my turn came first of all, then empire, then orcs, then High Elves.

DE turn1
I stared to march my two larger groups of warriors, my harpies, my witch elves, and my dark riders (all under the command of the cold one knight) towards the high elves. I tried to shoot with my repeater bolt thrower, and failed. The empire and orcs skipped a turn.

HE turn1
The Highelven marched towards me and for some reason did not fire.

DE turn 2
I crashed into the hidh elf line. My harpies took down three silver helm. My spearmen took down 4 spearmen, who fled. My crossbowmen took down another three silver helm but to my amazement, they didn't break! My witch elves proceded to cut down 4 archers. Although I got a lot of victory points, the high elf were still an imminent threat. I decided to make them run by challenging their general, the dragon prince, with my cold one. I immediately wounded him. Unfortunately, he recovered and slew my cold one knight, and all my warriors fled. Three harpies were killed. The remaing harpy and the witch elves didn't give a toss, and continued to run riot.

Empire turn2
The empire marched towards me and tried to fire the cannon. They misfired so that the cannon would be unoperative for two turns.

Orc turn two
The shamans miscast steal soul, and my scorcerress got a free spell in their magic phase. Wisely, Tuerna cast Storm of Cronos on the bowmen, who were about to sho0ot my witch elves. Due to this, no witch elves were harmed.

Highelf turn2
The repeater bolot thrower killed three of the retreating spearmen. The remaining silver helms were split up, and one tried to kill the harpy. Unfortunately, it killed him. The archers killed the harpy and two witch elves. Two archers were killed by the survivors. The fleeing spearmen rallied.

DE turn3
Using my repeater bolt thrower I shot the orc chariot, completely destroying it. My crossbowmen rallied, and shot the remaining silver halms and the ellyrian reaver.Then I tore the final repeater bolt thrower crewman and the repeater bolt thrower itself apart with two witch elves. My other two wiotch elves killed 5 orc bowmen, causing the rest to flee off the table.

Empire turn3
The cannon misfired again, and the empire footsoldiers kept marching.

Orc turn 3
The rock lobba killed two witch elves. Grugnil charged my unit of spearmen. Although they rallied and inflicted two wounds on him, he wiped out the regiment.

DE turn 4
For some reason the highelf skipped their turn and I used my Repeater Bolt Thrower to kill Grugnil and the boar. Incredibly, the remaining orc boys did not flee. My crossbowmen killed the dragon prince, two archers, and four silver helm. The remaining archers fled the table. My witch elves killed a spearman, and then they were both killed.

Empire turn four.
The free company, halberdiers, and a Battle Wizard met up with the surviving high elf. The Battle Wizard miscast a spell.

Orc turn four
THe orcs continued to move towards me, and killed three dark riders with their rock lobba.

HE t4
THe High elf moved towards me.

DE turn5
I killed 12 of the remaining 20 orc boys with my repeater bolt thrower. THen I shot 22 halberdiers and members of the free company with my repeater crossbows. I wounded the battle wizard, then cast the comet of cassandra, unsuccessfully. My Dark riders killed two high elves, then got killed.

He t5
The survivor fled the table.

Empire turn5
What is it with misfiring the cannon? He did it again, and it exploded. The halberdiers marched towards the crossbowmen, and the Battle wizard failed to cast a spell.

Orc turn 5.
The orcs marched towards me. Their rock lobba smashed to pieces aftr a misfire.

DE turn 6
I shot everything I could at the empire and ore. Only 5 orc boys (one with a bow) the empire general, 8 handgunners, 14 spearmen, th knight and sik enmbers of the free company survived. I charged the MOTFC and eliminated them with my repeater crossbowmen.

Empire t6
The knight galloped towards the hydra, the rest towards the repeater crossbowmen.

Orc turn^.
The orcs charged me.

DE turn7
I shot 6 spearmen and the remaining orc with my repeater crossbowmen. I inflicted a wound on the genaran.

Empire turn 7.
The knight continued. The handgunners fired, killing a crossbowman.

DE turn 8
Ifinished of the empire. I breathed fire on the knight but failed to kill him, so my beastmasters did instead.

Result: Dark Elf solid victory:w00t:

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Ok seriously, this battle report has confused me... You all seem to be playing without rulebooks right?

You also seem to take Shadowblade and Malus Darkblade then they do nothing the entire game..?

I don't mind the quirkiness of your army lists...but you really should be using smaller army sizes and warhammer skirmish (or lunchtime rules) for this.

"I killed 12 of the remaining 20 orc boys with my repeater bolt thrower" yeah...uh how? Lets say you did multishot.. that's 6 max. Just how many dice were ya rolling for this thing?

You seem to kill an awful lot of stuff per turn with crossbow fire, plus I can't work this out..but your Sorceress is just randomly choosing fun spells from any book right?

Sorry, but I don't really see the point in playing a game like this, not even for fun...your points lists are crazy, I can't see many things correct here (200pts for a chariot for example for dark elves).

Buy yourself an army book and stick to the rules, you might actually have more fun. Either you were deliberately cheating here, or you just had no clue what you were doing.

...or is it?
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Sorry, for the rbt i accidentally must've pressed '1'. Actually i only killed two. The repeater crossbowmen kept me in the game, for once i had lucky rolls. My scorcerress was for this game the lore of heavans, and she only cast one spell successfully. I kept Malus Darkblade and shadowblade in reserve because i expected my opponements would beat the crossbowmen. I don't know malus darkblades or the cold one chariot's points value, but we had to make one up for the purpose of the game (even though I now see it was unecessary). Sorry if I confused you.
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