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Hello. i'm just starting off with lizardmen and need some advice on my first army list. As i said, i'm new and don't really know what i'm doing so feel free to tear it apart. my usual opponents are skaven and ogres


Slann- Plaque of Topec, Diadem of Power, Battle Standard Bearer- Total 400


Saurus Scar-Veteran- Halberd, Light Armour, Sacred Spawning of Itzl, Cold One, Glyph Necklace- Total: 149


15 Saurus- Spears, Full Command- Total: 240

15 Saurus- Spears, Full Command- Total: 240

15 Temple Guard- Shields, Full Command- Total: 305

13 Skinks- Blowpipes, Scouts- Total: 91

12 Skinks- Blowpipes, Scouts, Brave- Total: 89


5 Saurus Cavalry- Full Command- Total: 225

3 Kroxigors

3 Terradons


2 Salamanders

Total: 1999

any comments are welcome
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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