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Soon ill be playing in a 2000 point tournament and Ive basically came up with this list and decided to put it on for some reviews and opinions so tell me what yout think, ill greatly appreciate it


1 Exalted Champion Of Chaos (In The Chariot)

Rending Sword, Mark Of Nurgle

182 pts.

1 Scorcer Of Chaos

Mark Of Nurgle, level 2 Wizard, 2X Dispel Scrolls, Barded Chaos Steed

226 pts.


12 Chaos Warriors (Chosen)

Musician,Standard Bearer,Shields,Mark Of Nurgle

320 pts.

5 Knights Of Chaos (Chosen)

Champion,Musician,Standard Bearer,Shields,Mark Of Nurgle, Plague


375 pts.

12 Marauders Of Chaos

Musician,Standard Bearer,Shields,Light Armour

99 pts.

5 Marauder Horsemen

Standard Bearer,Shields,Throwing Axes

107 pts.

1 Chariot Of Chaos

Mark Of Nurgle

135 pts.


20 PlagueBearers

320 pts.

1 Unit of 4 Nurglings Bases

160 pts.


Spawn Of Chaos

Mark Of Nurgle

75 pts.


1999 pts.

So pretty much it, so as I said tell me what you think and thanks for taking the time to review the my list.

p.s. This is pretty much all the models I have and Im not really able to get more at the moment

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You want it more readable? How's this?


Exalted Champion of Chaos - 317pts
Chaos Armour, Mark of Nurgle, Chariot of Nurgle
Rending Sword

Sorcerer of Chaos - 228pts
Chaos Armour, Magic Level 2, Mark of Nurgle, Barded Chaos Steed
2 Dispel Scrolls


12 Warriors of Chaos - 320pts
Chaos Armour, Shield, Musician, Standard, Mark of Nurgle, Chosen

5 Knights of Chaos - 375pts
Full Command, Mark of Nurgle, Chosen
Plague Banner

12 Marauders of Chaos - 99pts
Shield, Light Armour, Musician, Standard

5 Marauder Horsemen - 107pts
Shields, Throwing Axes, Standard


20 Plaguebearers - 320pts

4 Nurgling Bases - 160pts


1 Beast of Nurgle - 75pts

Points: 1999
Power Dice: 4
Dispel Dice: 3
Model Count: 62

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OOO now I can review it.

Teron, you accidentally changed the sorcerer point cost. It was supposed to be 226.

I don't really like the rending sword, it only really helps against ogres and characters. Remember that those d3 wounds aren't distributed around the unit, only the single model gets overkilled. The warrior and marauder units are too small, and your knights probably don't need a champion.

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Much clearer to read. Personally I think the Marauders are too small, far too small. For your Exalted Champion take out the Rending Sword and give him a Filth Mace and do something about that love Sorcerer in a 2000 point game none of your spells can get through and not much of their spells are dispelled, drop the Sorcerer for more Marauders.
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