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So Soon ill be playing in a 2000 point tournament and Ive basically came up with this list and decided to put it on for some reviews and opinions so tell me what yout think, ill greatly appreciate it


1 Exalted Champion Of Chaos

Beserker Sword, Mark Of Nurgle

182 pts.

1 Scorcer Of Chaos

Mark Of Nurgle, level 2 Wizard, 2X Dispel Scrolls, Barded Chaos Steed

226 pts.


12 Chaos Warriors (Chosen)

Champion,Musician,Standard Bearer,Shields,Mark Of Nurgle, Plague Banner

382 pts.

5 Knights Of Chaos (Chosen)

Champion,Musician,Standard Bearer,Shields,Mark Of Nurgle, Plague


375 pts.

12 Marauders Of Chaos

Champion,Musician,Standard Bearer,Shields,Light Armour

109 pts.

5 Marauder Horsemen

Champion,Musician,Standard Bearer,Shields,Throwing Axes

125 pts.

1 Chariot Of Chaos

Mark Of Nurgle

135 pts.


10 PlagueBearers

160 pts.

1 Unit of 4 Nurglings Bases

160 pts.


1854 pts.

So pretty much it, so as I said tell me what you think and thanks for taking the time to review the my list.

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Hmm... where to start.

I don't know why you bought berserker, that's only best when you have a large base (aka daemonic mount). You alseo have no protection for your general, and his off hand is empty. The warrior, marauders, and plague bearers are all below ideal size, you want full rank bonuses and with fear, the more the merrier. Lastly, you probably don't need standard or champion for marauder horsemen.

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Well, seeing as you are playing a tournament I guess you are needing an all round army to deal with what various opponents throw at you. Personally I would have some more marauders and maybe drop the shields and give them great weapons. Against a wood elf army or something similar with a lot of shooting, a unit of 12 marauders will get mown down pretty quickly. Also, they can act as a screen against shooting opponents, so that your stronger units can get stuck in (as you can tell, I do like marauders, simply because they are so cheap which is a rarity with chaos units).
Other than that, I'd agree with khorne lord. Again it's down to personal preferance, but a bigger unit of warriors wouldn't go amiss. Excellent in hand to hand and not likely to be taken out by archers, as they have got good armour.

Other than that, I'd say it's a good preliminary list which needs a bit of fine tuning.

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I agree with jimmy,

A large unit of chaos warriors are worth the points in my opinion, as they can stand up2 a charge from almost anything.

Of course you still have to watch out for those darn flank charges though...but they have got GOOD armour!:D

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