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hello all, i wondered if all you wolf lords out there could give me some tips on an army list. heres mine so far...


Wolf Lord (184 pts)
termie armour, wolf tooth necklace, runic charm, mastercrafted stormbolter, mastercrafted frost axe, wolf pelt, wolf tail talisman, belt of russ

Wolf Lord bodyguard (256 pts)
2 /w power fists + stormbolters - 48 pts each
1 /w lightning claws - 50 pts
1 /w assault cannon - 50 pts
1 /w cyclone missle launcher - 60 pts
total of 256 pts

Wolf Priest (192 pts)
mastercrafted frost axe, plasma pistol, frag + krak grenades, healing potions and balms, runic charm, wolf pelt, wolf tail talisman, wolf tooth necklace, iron wolf amulet (already in base point cost)

Venerable Dreadnought (178 pts)
TL autocannon, heavy flamer, DCCW, extra armour, smoke launchers


Wolf Guard (65 pts)
mark of the wulfen, runic charm, lightning claws*


Grey Hunter pack (244 pts)
6 /w bolters - 108 pts
1 /w power fist - 32 pts
1 /w plasma pistol - 27 pts
1 /w melta gun - 27 pts
mounted in rhino - 50 pts
led by wolf priest

Blood Claw pack (237 pts)
8 /w bolt pistols and ccw - 112 pts
1 /w power weapon - 29 pts
wolf guard leader /w bolter, power weapon - 41 pts
mounted in rhino - 50 pts

Blood claw pack (253 pts)
12 /w bolt pistols and ccw - 168 pts
1 /w power fist - 39 pts
wolf guard leader /w bolt pistol and power fist - 46 pts

Heavy Support

Long Fangs (249 pts)
leader /w bolter and power weapon - 53 pts
2 /w lascannons - 106 pts (53 each)
1 /w plasma cannons - 53 pts
1 /w missle launcher - 38 pts

Leman Russ Ext (213 pts)
hull mounted lascannon, heavy bolter side sponsons, extra armour, smoke launchers

Whirlwind (80 pts)
extra armor

*- wolf guard with mark of thinking of using a model from the wulfen box set for 13th company, to represent the beast like state he manifests into. because the model has no weapon on both hands, i thort lightning claws would represent the point cost for his weapons, and would allow missed hits to re-roll.

total - 2151 pts

any advice?

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Good list!
i have only one point: the wolf lord has a invnerable save of 5+ and 4+ why giving him the belt of russ? It upgrades the save with one for 25 points.

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i never have much luck with save rolls. id feel better having a 4+ inv save coz it bumps the chances of saving him up to 50% instead of 40%. that gives me 3 sides of the dice to save instead of 2. i dnt mind the point cost really :)
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