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[2000 pt] tournament list

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Hi ppl. This list is for a tournament between 10 friends, so this list will be facing different armies.

Dwarf lord 276 pt
hw, gw,
gromril armour w. master rune of gromril+rune of resistance.
master rune of spite

Thane 69 pt
hw, gw, gromril armour

Runesmith 147 pt
hw, shield, gromril armour,
master rune of balance+rune of speel breaking

dwarf warriors x16 185pt
hw,heavy armour, gw
full comand

Longbeards x16 258pt
hw, gw, heavy armour,
full command, rune of stoicism

Quarrellers x 12 169pt
hw, crossbow, light armour, shield,
full command

Quarrellers x 12 169pt
hw, crossbow, light armour, shield,
full command

Hammerers x 16 272pt
gw, hw, heavy armour,
full command,
rune of slowness

Cannon 140pt
rune of forging

Bolt thrower x2 105pt
1bolt thrower has engineer

Organ gun 120pt

Grudge thrower 80pt

1990 pt

tel me what you think of this list. any suggestions and comments are more than welcome
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I would drop the Master Rune of Balance off the Runesmith in favor of two more Spellbreaking runes. I prefer being able to stop three spells for sure compared to getting one more dispel die.

Dwarf Lord: I'm not sure how you got 276 points for him with what you have listed. I show him at 249 points (Lord x, Gomril Armor free, shield x, great weapon x, master rune of gomril x, rune of resistance x and master rune of spite x). If your math was off then you have some points left, then you can upgrade the Thane to the BsB. As an alternative you could add another engineer to the bolt throwers.

Points savings options:
1. Take out the Veterans and maybe the standard bearers out of the Quarellers for sure. Dropping the two veterans will get you 42 points and you can tool up the Thane with those points.....20 points for the standards. I know you are planning flank attacks or worried about them being charged during the fight. If that is what you are thinking/planning keep the Standard bearers, but definietly drop the veterans. I would rather have a thane/BsB over two veterans.
2. Master Rune of Gomril isx points and a Rune of Stone is x points. On a lord that is a difference of a 1+ versus a 2+ Saving throw. You have the reroll armor save rune, so why not save 20 points by taking the rune of stone?
3. Veterans through-out a Dwarf army are usually not needed. Your characters are so powerful they have little need to hide behind the Veteran in a challenge. You will find that most enemies will fear you in a challenge, thus dropping all the Veterans saves A LOT of points in your army list!

Simply trimming a few veterans and slight change to the lord's runes will get you a Thane/BsB, engineer for the other bolt thrower plus a rune or two on the Bolt Throwers (one with Rune of burning and other with burning/penetrating). Those burning runes help out with Treeman, trolls or anything that regenerates.

Mod Edit: Do not list the individual point cost of item please.

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IMO I think you lack CC units. You have a lot of shooting units and they will ofcourse give in some pretty good hits, however. If not you only have 3 CC to defend them. And even though you can flank with the Quarrellers or use them as bait, they wont be able to hold very long. If you wanna keep your shooting power, at least try and drop one of the quarrellers in the favour of another warrior unit. This will help the other units protect the shooting units so they can keep up the bombardement for a very long time.
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