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have gone with a strollaz cc army for a while which worked pretty good, but I'm kind of tired of being outmanouvered all the time. It's not that the strategy doesn't work, but need some more strategy versatility, so I came up with this army. Could be it tries to do all and succeeds in nothing, but I hoped you could give me some pointers :)

Lord w/ shieldbearers, GW, RoStone, RoChallenge, RoFury, RoSnorri, MRoBlackhammer

Runesmith w/ GW, RoStone, RoBalance, RoSpellbreaking


BSB w/ RoGrungri and RoStone

23 Warriors w/ shields and standard

22 Longbeards w/ shields and standard, RoDetermination, RoStoiscism

18 Hammerers w/ shields, standard and RoStoiscism

10 Thunderers w/ shields

BT with RoPenetration and engineer

BT with engineer


Organ gun (perhaps to be replaced by Grudge Thrower)
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