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2000 pts anytime-anywhere list

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Saurus Scar-Veteran:LA,Shield,GW,Charm Of Jaguar Warrior
Saurus Scar-Veteran:LA,BSB,Sword of Hornet,BS of Tepok
Skink Priest:Dispel Scroll

16 Saurus Warriors (full Command)
16 Saurus Warriors (full Command)
15 Saurus Warriors (champion only)
10 Skinks (blowpipes)
10 Skinks (blowpipes,scouts)

3 Kroxigors
6 Saurus Cavalry (standard, War Banner)
3 Terradons
3 Terradons


Let me know what you think..until now this army list has a winning streak of 7 battles (out of a total of 18:14 wins, 3 draws, 1 defeat), and has only suffered a minor defeat against a slaanesh magic-heavy army (poor dice rolling there though...) (i normally play against chaos-any kind-,wood elves,brettonians,dwarves,dark elves,empire,skaven and high elves)
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The only army I can see you having a real problem with is a magic heavy one. Missile fire could give you some small issues, but you have a good set of block saurus. I would change the non-scout skinks to javlins and shields, but that is about it.

I like it :ninja:
It's indeed a fine list and a good streak. Keep it up.

I'd just see a way to get yourself more Skinks. These blighters are awesome.

i would try for larger saurus units, i like 20. Thats my experience talking, if youv found that 16 works then great. +you cant really argue with a 7 win streak.

also, yeah skinks own

and i find that the funnest part of 2000 pts is having a lord, not to mention lizzy lords are pretty good. actually very good. i would try to get an oldblood in dere somewhere.

to free up some points take out one unit of the teradons. you might need to do some other tweaking to get some of the above stuff, but the teradons are a good start.
Arrrrrgh!! where is the oldblood riding grandly on a carnosaur weilding the scimitar of the sun resplendant and the maiming shield for a grand total of 8 str 5 attacks and a further 5 (when frenzied) str 6 from the carnosaur???

No, just joking, this particular character is possibly my favorite but what you have is fine.

I would suggest bumping those sarus warriors up to units of 20 but again that is personel preference as i really dont like weird numbers of troops though 16 is alright.

Also, where do the scar veterans go? if they don't have a unit to sit in then i would suggest dropping them and adding in another skink priest (lore of the heavens rocks my socks and my jocks simultaneously).

As previously said, however, can't argue with 7 wins in a row!!

have fun

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As for my tactics, the BSB goes with the 15-strong saurus block (hence no standard bearer there ), while the other one starts with one of the 16-strong blocks but is mainly used to bolster the fighting ability of other units (he has 18" charge range :w00t: ) or as a Jsod...
Usually my centre is occupied by the 3 saurus blocks, giving me a solid line, the stegadon remains close to the BSB (stubborn with ld5 can only get you so far without that valuable reroll from the BSB..! )The cavalry and kroxigors take the flanks, while the teradons fly behind the enemy lines to get some rear charges off and harass enemy mages,warmachines and archers.I usually use the scouts pretty much in the same way and as a charge-screen(get the enemy to charge you and either flee-if the distance between your units and his is appropriate- or hold the ground,thus fleeing in the combat phase and getting some charges off in your turn!!! )Same goes for the other skinks
As for the skink priest, he is there to carry the dispel scroll and give one extra dispel die...
By the way, when facing wood elves I have noticed that it is preferable to have solid flanks and a mobile centre than vice versa..Shooting can be a problem vs the terradons and skinks, so it it advisable to keep them out of harm in the first turns..
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