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I'm going to play with what friends a little tournament and I like some advise.

Lord GW, MRof Kragg the Grimm, Rof Cleaving, Rof Snorri Spangelheim
shieldbearers, rofStone and MRof Spite

Runesmith shield, 2x spellbreaking rune
Master engineer, brace of pistols

20 warriors, shield, full command
20 Longbeards, GW, shield, full command, Rof Courage (with runesmith)
12 thunderers

17 Troll slayers, 3 Giant slayers (total 20)
22 Hammerers, shield, Full command, Rof determination (with lord)

cannon Rof Forging (with Master engineer)
Organ gun

The Pacifist Wargamer
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Yeah, that's a pretty nasty list.

I play something similar to that but with the following changes:
- The Lord doesn't have a Rune of Cleaving, I give him a Rune of Fury instead. I like having the extra attack. Neither do I use a Master Rune of Spite, because that guy's already got a million wounds and a 0+ Armor Save.
- My Runesmith has a Master Rune of Balance, instead of a second Spellbreaker.
- The Master Engineer is replaced with a BSB with Strollaz's Rune.
- I prefer Quarrellers to Thunderers, and they're cheaper, so I take them.
- With the points saved, I usually get a medium unit of Miners for Mage and Warmachine hunting.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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