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Gorebull 238
gnarled hide, brass cleaver, heavy armour, BSB

Great bray-shaman 249
Jagged dagger, lv.4, 2 HW

Bray-shaman 137
2 HW, scroll, lv.2

Bray-shaman 132
lv.2, 2 HW, hagstone fetish

4 tuskgor chariots 320
3 x 5 ungor raiders with musician 99
18 hounds 104
18 gors, FC 169

2 pumbas 110
2 pumbas 110

Jabberslythe 275
spawn 55

= 1998 points. I'm not sure if the Gorebull isn't a bit excessive, or whether I should trade the spawn for a pumba, the jabberslythe for a gorgon or a bray shaman for Plaguetongue and lose the spawn altogether. Meant to be competitive, but fun!
(tbh competitive-wise spamming chariots makes most sense - I look at a gor herd and measure it in how many chariots lost!)

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Where are you placing your characters?
I'm not sure that two units of razorgors (pumbas) are going to be too efective, can probably cut one out.
18 hounds is a big block of hounds, I would suggest splitting them up and use them as screening for your other units.
For magic items, the Jagged Dagger is not very effective on a shaman. Two S4 attacks wont generate many power dice. I would switch this for the staff of darkoth for some bound spell action. For other items on your lord you could take, the shard of the herdstone can be nice if you plan on sitting still and casting for a while, if not stock him up with a couple power stones. And you can give your scroll guy a second scroll if you can find the points, they always come in handy.

Honestly, spamming charriots is not very competitive. Yes they hit hard on the charge, but any ranked units they will kill a bunch but then just bounce off. You need units like gors and bestigors to meet these units and have things like charriots support charge in the flank. I think 4 charriots is a little over the top, and you might want to switch a couple of them out for bestigors, another gor herd or a unit of minotaurs.

The gorebull looks good but I dont see a good place to put him.
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