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Hey guys!Newby here!
I've been playing warhammer since October...And i have to admit that it is a magnificent expirience!!!However, can you please give further advises on my army list?
Here it goes

Lord: Grimgor Ironhide

Heroes: 1 x Night Goblins shaman level 2, with staff of sneaky stealin
1 black orc big boss - battle standard bearer (he will go to big uns unit)

Core: 1 Boyz big uns' of 24, full command unit, and standard that gives the D6 on charge movement
1 Night goblins mob of 25, full command with 3 fanatics
5 spideriders full command

Special: 19 black orcs full command with standard that gives them +1 attack
(i am thinking of placing a squig herder team of 5 herders and 5 squigs cause i got only 3 packs of them)
Orc boar chariot
Rock lobber (wich i am thinking of replacing with a unit of 30 gobbos)
Rear: Doom diver (which i am thinking of reaplcing it again with another 30 gobbos)
thinking of placing a giant
thinking of placing 3 river trolls

Please advise!!!!

i am da Wahhchief
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hi there Pasxalis

How is your listlooking right now? still the same? :p

this list is not 2.000 points i think you have about 500 points to spend after all this, and plenty of choices available
Grimgor must look great on the battlefield

- shaman level 2: this is not much magic and his spells will probably get dispelled. i suggest getting an extra shaman Or make this first shaman level 1 instead. (so he only dispels enemy spells)

if you cannot decide between trolls and giant:
-trolls have stupidity, so they need help of your general his leadership and muist stay near you general or they will not move. they are really tuff and do not die, and they can kill high armoured cavalry easily
-giants have high movement by them selves and make excellent flank chargers. Great back up for Grimgor.
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