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Ok, pretty Noob here and non english speaker, só, be nice to me. :)

Here is the army I intend to build, I have most of the models and after the list I´ll post what I´m/can can change.
Note that I might be some points over or under, when I have the time i´ll check those out.

Doctrines: Iron Discipline, Sharpshooters, Cameleoline, Veterans, Granadiers.
(everybody that needs to have camaleoline has it)

Comand Squad
HSO - PW/BP, Iron Discipline
3 Guardsmen - Master Vox/Lasguns
1 Veteran Standart Bearer

2 Anti Tank Heavy Teams - 1 with 3 Lascannons, 1 with 3 Missile Launchers, Sharpshooters
1 Fire Support Team - 3 Autocannons, Sharpshooters


3 Squads os 9 Hardened Vets w/ Vet Sarge: 3 Plasma Guns, 1 Lascannon, Vox. Sarge w/ PW/LP


3 Squads of 9 Granadiers w/ Sarge: 2 Plasma Guns, Vox.
2 Chimeras w/ Heavy Bolters


1 Basilisk: Indirect Fire
2 LRBT: 3 Heavy Bolter, Extra Armour, Smoke, Rough Terrain. 1 of them with Improved Comms.


I guess it stays close to 2000 points.

I may face the following: Blood Angels, Black Templars, Ultras, Dark Angels, Necrons, Orks, Slaanesh Chaos, Ultwe Eldar, Nids (from godzilla list w/ 6 fexes and 2 hives to lots of little bugs) and DemonHunters.

Now, what I dont have yet is the 2 chimeras. I wish to know what would help me better: The chimeras giving me some mobile forces? 2 Sentinels and some more troops? Hellhounds?

And of course, how is that for an army? :|

Thanks a lot
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