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Hey all,

I haven't touched 40k since the early days of 4th edition, but lately some of my friends who still play have been telling me about how much they like the new 6th edition rules. They say GW seems to be moving away from the competitive scene, and that the game is more oriented towards cinematic, fluffy, narrative game play now, allowing more and more options to build customized lists that allow you to play exactly the army you want. I'm a big fan of these changes.

Having said that, I do still prefer to win my games if I can, but not at the expense of fluff.

Anyway, I've long since sold off all of my models, but I'd like to get started again with either Orks or Imperial Guard. I hear they're both being updated within the next few months, and I'd really like to start collecting a list. I do not have ANY of these models yet, so feel free to edit to your heart's content if you feel something else might work better.


Company Command Squad - 205


Infantry Platoon - 405
-Platoon Command with Vox Caster, Autocannon, Chimera
-5x Infantry Squad Blob with 3 Grenade Launchers, Vox Caster, Commissar
-2x Heavy Weapon Squads with Autocannons
-2x Heavy Weapon Squads with Lascannons

Veteran Squad - 100
-3 Meltaguns

Veteran Squad - 100
-3 Meltaguns


Vendetta Gunship - 130

Vendetta Gunship - 130


Leman Russ Punisher - 295
-Knight Commander Pask
-Hull and Sponson Heavy Bolters
-Pintle Heavy Stubber
-Camo Netting
-Extra Armor

3 Griffon Mortars - 225


Aegis Defense Line - 50

Veterans go in the Vendettas, hopefully being able to drop in and make some use of their meltas and/or camp an objective, Vendettas themselves go tank/MC/terminator hunting.

Pask Punisher, both Chimeras with Command Squads, and the 4 Heavy Weapon teams hide behind the Defense Line. With camo netting, the Punisher will get a 3+ cover save, so hopefully it will get a couple turns to pump out its impressive 32 BS4 shots.

Creed hangs out in his Chimera, issuing Bring it Down/Fire on My Target orders to the Heavy Weapon teams, while the Platoon Command does the same, except it issues First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire to the big platoon, which will be deployed IN FRONT of the defense line, acting as an assault screen, and maybe causing some damage themselves while camping out on a home-field objective.

Griffons hang out somewhere out of LOS, hopefully, and pummel enemy infantry units.

I am a little bit concerned about the number of scoring units being relatively low, and the Punisher is kind of iffy. I REALLY love the idea of it, but it's nearly 300 points for a tank that could potentially die immediately. I foresee it drawing a LOT of fire. I'm also relying heavily on Creed to boost the firepower of my gunline. If he gets gibbed turn 1 then the whole thing is basically off.

So what do you think? Is this a decent setup/strategy? What would you change if you could? Do you think I'd be better off with another trio of Griffons, or perhaps a couple Hellhounds instead of the Punisher?

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The punisher is too short in range and entirely too expensive to be worth the point investment. A pair of stock Russes would be a better use of points than the Punisher as configured here.

Creed is pricey, but he might be viable in this kind of list.

Your vets need a ride. I would caution against using a 100 point squad as payload in a high priority target like a Vendetta. One might use Creeds outflank ability, but the other could use a chimera or possibly Harker for outflank ability.

Given the number of HWSs in your list, it may be worth investing in a Lord Commissar. The Ld bubble will help hold them in place and make orders more effective.

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Creed always works in a leafblower list. He won't die quickly, either; those HWS are too tempting. I second the Lord Commissar idea. He's worth dropping a Griffon. (If not an LC then trade Creed's autocannon for a regimental standard. Next best thing for keeping your guns on the table.) Outside of a leafblower, al'Rahem is the better choice for an infantry-based offense because he brings an entire platoon with him, not just a single unit. But you'll have enough armor that a simple mechanized offense will work as well, no need for a character.

Plopping the superblob in front of your lines is unworkable. Your enemy will have a permanent cover save from most of your dakka. Then he'll charge in and you won't be able to shoot through the melee at all. There's merit in outflanking the superblob if you like your chances against flamers and such. I remember outflanking blobs with Creed only for them to end up trying to rifle-club a Rhino into submission. Not the most reliable use of manpower but at least the Rhino didn't explode with twenty GEQs in the blast zone. Good times.

With gunlines being as popular as they are now, I'd feel better outflanking a simple Chimera with Tactical Genius instead of an infantry horde. A Vet squad is great; I've experimented with a line squad carrying a plasma gun and pair of plasma pistols with good results, too. You could add a Stormtrooper squad to two to help it out. (The Stormies can even outflank themselves in Chimeras, having access to Scout.) Vendettas can have a secondary purpose of shuttling replacement scoring units. You'll need an Astropath to make this all work, though.

Want a creative (not really competitive) use for Tactical Genius? Instead of the superblob, outflank a second CCS in a Chimera along with 2-3 Penal Legion squads. The Penals are scoring and, under a regimental standard, are very determined. Meanwhile, the CCS has decent firepower and could even jump out to let a scoring Legion use their ride for safety (admittedly not a fluffy tactic).

Lastly, consider a Russ Exterminator instead of the Pask-mobile. Its main gun is already twin-linked and what it loses in sheer dakka, it makes up for in killing light armor and even aircraft. Doesn't need Pask at all. And don't ignore the Eradicator! It's a very, very nice tank now that 2+ cover saves are not hard to find on light infantry. I sometimes run an LRA with lascannon and hull multimeltas. That monster is a battleship on treads, never without a target.

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Rather than the lord commissar you could just put a standard in with the command squad to allow rerolls of morale tests. Not as good for issuing orders though.

I would put SWS in the vendettas rather than veterans. Similar firepower but a lot cheaper and as they may never get out of the flyers until turn 5 you don't waste as many points. spend the rest on more HWS or a chimera for the PCS armed with 3 flamers + Vox.

2 basic russ over Pask I agree with.
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