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I just can't leave home without that 3rd prism, because after turn 1 one is always not shooting. Also a falcon is such a heavy point sink for 2 heavy weapons, considering I rarely ever get to shoot both in 1 turn. So I am redoing to what I think isn't too bad. Also my list was over and just now caught it!


Farseer w/Doom, Spirit Stones, and Fortune (goes with Banshees)
Farseer w/Doom and Runes of Warding (goes with Storm Guardians)


10 Banshees w/Exarch and either Executioner/Mirror Swords (haven't decided yet)
-Wave Serpeant w/ Spirit stones and TL EML

6 Striking Scorpions w/Exarch, Claw, Shadowstrike, Stalker (outflanking)


10 Dire Aveneger w/Exarch, Dual Catas, and Bladestorm
-Wave Serpeant w/Spirit Stones and TL BL

10 Storm Guardians w/Warlock, Embolden, Singing Spear, and 2 Fusion Guns
-Wave Serpeant w/Spirit Stones and TL EML

7 Path Finders

10 Guardian Defenders w/ Warlock, Conceal, Singing Spear, and Scatter Laser
-Wave Serpeant w/Spirit Stones and TL Shuriken Cannon

Heavy Support

Fire Prism
Fire Prism
Fire Prism

Total points: 1998

7 Tanks
62 Models
15 KP (is this high for 2000pts??????)
4 Scoring Units

The wave serpeants will all travel up field together, making sure to utilize eachother as cover and all cover on the way, always shooting their heavy weapon each turn. Upon arriving to the enemy, I will generally unload all 4 units and split their efforts among 2 units. Depending on what it is. The DA will blade storm the target the storm guardians are going to assault. The guardians will mass fire shoot the target the banshees are going to assault. Generally the banshees wipe out their enemy and are sitting ducks for one turn. THen either assist the storms next turn, or get back in the serpeant, or run to cover. The DAs will get back into their serpeant the next turn as they "reload." THe defenders will do whatever needs to be done, usually hide.

THe prisms will sit back and shoot until either they are dead, or the opponenet is dead.

The scorpions will outflank hopefully on the side I want them too, and usually get a 1st turn arrive assault onto something in the back of the enemy.

Pathfinders will pray there are no deepstriking flamers, out flanking flamers or ordance barrage weapons on the battlefield as they sit in their home objective camping.

Alternatively, my storm guardian squad has been equipped to tank down armor as well. If they are going to tank hunt, then they will zoom to it, drop off, and pray i dont roll a 3 to hit with that fusion gun. Of course the warlock will throw his spear as well. If they zoom off alone, the DAs will either A) hunt an easy target, or roll with the other 3 transported squads, or head towards where the scorpions are (generally fighting a home objective camper)

Any thoughts? Alternatively I can put just 5 lone DAs in the defender guardian serpeant, and use the spare points to fill out my scorps/pathfinders, although this will not lower my KP total.

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Personally i would drop 1 pathfinder and change the guardian defender squad into a full squad of DA's plus exarch with bladestorm, which gives you three firepower based units, 2x DA + pathfinders and 3 CC units banshee's, scorpions and storm guardians. Just one possibility the looks good to me.
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