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Hi guys, got bored at work, and as I decided I wouldn't play any of the top five armies, I went through a lot of codexes to end on BoC, making an army list. I heard they are getting a new codex, so this is purely theoric, but might get me started to collect soonish (already own HE and TK, BoC would be a nice ''other kind'' army)

BeastLord with Mark of Tzeentch, Goretooth, Horn of the great hunt, HA, Pelt, GW. 327
Bray Shaman lvl 2 with Staff, Scroll. 170 (goes with the big Gors unit)
Wargor with Mark of Tzeentch, GW, BloodHorn, Chaos Armour. 172
Wargor with Mark of Tzeentch, BsB with Banner of Beast banner, HA. 219

5 Gors with 10 Ungors, Foe. 95
5 Gors with 15 Ungors, Foe, banner. 125
10 Warhounds. 60
5 Warhounds. 30
20 Bestigors, Mark of Slaanesh, Banner, Warbanner. 297

10 Centigor. 170
10 Centigor. 170
10 Centigor. 170

2005 pts.
7 DD + 1 scroll
12 PD
I especially appreciate the str7 T5 7A re-roll to hit lord...
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