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2000 Space Marines

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I love making my armies shooty, multi purpose, and numerous, my future marine list is no exception. I think it is pretty nice but I wanted to run iit by you guys.

Honour Thy Wargear
we stand alone

Master Commander (HQ)
2 Lightning Claws
iron halo
melta bombs
terminator honours
frag grenades

8 man Command Squad
plasma gun
missile launcher
veteran sergeant
power fist

8 Devastators (Elites)
4 missile launchers
veteran sergeant
power fist

8 Devastators (Elites
4 heavy bolters
veteran sergeant
power fist

X3 8 Tactical Squad marines (Troops)
Plasma gun
Missile Launcher
veteran sergeant
power fist

X3 8 Tactical Squad marines (Troops)
Heavy Bolter
veteran sergeant
power fist

X3 1 Land Speeder Tornadoe (Fast Attack)

Whirlwind (Heavy Support)
extra armour
smoke launchers

Vindicator (Heavy Support)
smoke launchers
dozer blades
Power of the machine spirits

73 power armour marines , 5 vehicles, 2 Pie Plates, 8 missile launchers, 4 plasma guns, 3 flamers, 10 heavy bolters
How does it look, and I do not like scouts because they are not as tough or hard hitting, marines are good enough.
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wow your army is really multipurpose and if thats your complete aim then I would say you're fine cept the commander and the command squad don't fit together. He has some godlike power weapons (my preferred choice for an HQ especially with jump packs to get there faster)
but his command squad is random even for multipurpose....drop the rocket launcher so u can move and shoot and put in a power sword maybe so u can deal more damage in close combat.
better yet...drop the command squad if its not that important for some veterans with power weapons.

also organize your tactical squads into groups. One carries heavy stuff, one carries assault weapons so u can move with one squad and shoot with the other so your fire power is never cut in half. drop the power fist on the shooty tactical to free up some points for extra marines for the close up one.
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thanks for the comment but you might be misunderstansing me. I do not want to go near the enemy, I like counter atack strageties. My favorite saying is a good defense is the best offense. So I want my commander to spread his leadership then wait for someone to kill once they come near me,
lol the saying is 'the best defence is a good offence'
zephyr still has a point about not mixing heavy weapons with powerfists etc. even if you are counter-attack and not attack. bieng counter attack only means you dont need rhino's and drop pods etc. it doesnt mean the usual squad formations (shooty OR assulty, not both) arent still the best.

i would lose the melta bombs off the HQ and drop 1 marine from somewhere 2 give him artificer armour (2+ save)
by the way i have found that commands sqauds CAN be good and not too expensive if you use the combo i came up with.. 1 company champ. 1 melta gun. 1 vet serg w pwerfist. and 2 or 3 marines with Boltpistol and CCW.
the main reasons the cmd squads are normally too expensive is only bcoz of the apothecaries and standard bearers, so leave those 2 out and command squads are fine.
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